Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm not mean, I just have a short fuse

Magoo is my little soldier. He's not that little however. At his last vet visit, he weighed 17 lbs. My wife keeps calling him her little baby, since he was our first cat together. He was one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen. Once I get a scanner, I will post his kitten picture. If we had only known, how big he would get. It wouldn't have changed anything, but maybe we would have tried to socialize him a little better. My father is scared to death of Magoo. Magoo isn't mean, he is just very strong and I don't think he knows it.

The reason I call him my soldier is that he protects our yard like its his own. During last summer, we let our cats play in the backyard while we gardened. When we landscaped our yard, we put a Cat Garden in. It is full of catnip plants. You can see Smudge sitting in it in his first post. Unfortunately, it attracts other neighborhood cats. One of these cats came by while ours were in the backyard We heard the commotion and ran to see Smudge pinned against the fence. Smudge is not a fighter by any means. Magoo on the otherhand was puffed up and growling. Before we could chase the other cat away, Magoo and the cat got into it. Within twenty seconds or so, the fight was over. Magoo was standing there with this collar hanging from his mouth. We tried to console him since he was very upset. When we saw the collar, I told my wife that Magoo is starting to take trophies off the neighborhood cats.

PS. We have found two more collars since that incident. Needless to say, no one goes out without strict supervision anymore.

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  1. Great story! I love Magoo the more I read about him! What a character! A cat garden sounds cool!