Sunday, April 11, 2010

How we are doing

Before he left us, Magoo gave a final MREOW. The Vet said that it was special. He gave his last breath as his heart stopped to say goodbye to us.

How are we doing?

This song says it all.

Everytime we see his picture we cry...


  1. We can't listen to the song. We're all teary already. Too many good-byes, including our own Crystal this year.

  2. It is hard to loose a beloved friend Purrs.

  3. Cry and cry some more till yoo can't cry no more. The release of yur tears will bring yoo closer to Magoo and to feeling at peace. Many purrs and hugs to you all.

  4. {hugs}

    Keep my memory with you,
    For memories never die;
    I will be there with you,

    When you look across the sky.
    I will be there in the clouds,
    In the birds that fill the air;
    In the beauty of a fragrant rose,
    You will find my memory there.

    You'll feel me in the tenderness,
    Of a tiny baby's touch;
    You will hear me if you listen,
    In the twilight's gentle hush.

    When your heart is heavy,
    And you feel that you're alone;
    Just reach down deep inside of you
    For your heart is now my home.

    I will always be with you,
    I will never go away;
    For I will live on in your heart,
    Forever and a day.

    ~ author unknown


  5. Mama is leaking lots of water right now, too. Please keep hold of all the sweet Magoo memories. Someday soon they will not make you leak water, they will just make you smile.
    What a wonderful last goodbye he gave you. What wonderful love.

  6. Magoo's Fambly:
    We are so very sorry for your loss. It must hurt somethin' terrible. Our sincerest condolences, purrs an' purrayers are goin' out to you.
    DMM, the Feline Americans, an' Jessica

  7. Magoo was cool. I'm not surprised he used his last breath to say something for you.

    Now excuse me, I got something in my eye...

  8. We are so very sorry about Magoo. Sending you many purrs.

  9. We are sorry for your broken hearts. Time helps heal the pain, but he will be in your memory for ever.

  10. We are so sorry about your loss. Thank you for loving Magoo so much and so well. Purrs and prayers.