Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and The Homecoming (Part 2)

Dad: I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season. So get all cuddled up on the Story Chair, have a cup of Hot Catmilk and a large catnip cookie, and let's rejoin Sangilak, his Pack Mate, and Nial as they arrived at the Main Garage.

Welcome to the Story Chair

Jingles and The Homecoming (Part 2)

Nial, Sangilak and She Who Must be Obeyed stood outside the main garage in front of a peculiarly arranged door. Like every door at the the North Pole where both Santa and the elfs entered, the doorway was actually a door within a door. There was one large door for Santa to use and a smaller door embedded inside for the elfs to use. Nial had opened the elf door and had started to walk inside. He did not realize that his two companions could not follow him through the smaller opening. He only noticed his error when he heard She Who Must Be Obeyed growling. Nial was stuck. He could not reach the gold door knob that Santa used.

“Do you think I could…” Nial stuttered and pointed sheepishly at Sangilak’s back.

“That is demeaning.” She Who Must Be Obeyed growled. “No creature has ever climbed on the back of…”

Sangilak shook his head.

“I have had one of the creatures on my back before.” Sangilak admitted as he pointed his nose towards Nial. “And two cats.”

“You tell no one in the Pack of this.” She Who Must Be Obeyed snapped. “Not ever.”

She Who Must Be Obeyed turned her head away as she could not bear to watch Nial grab a tuft of Sangilak’s fur and clumsily pull himself up onto the wolf’s sturdy back. Nial balanced himself and then placed both his hands on the doorknob. Nial strained to turn the large doorknob that was the size of a dinner plate in his small hands. The doorknob slowly moved and Nial was suddenly rewarded with the sound of the latch sliding free. His relief was quickly replaced with dismay as he was pulled off Sangilak’s back and suddenly found himself hanging from the doorknob with his face pressed against the door.

“Enough of this.” She Who Must Be Obeyed stated and she moved towards the elf hanging by his hands from the doorknob. She gently supported Nial by the back of his vest and slowly lowered him to the ground.

“Please don’t do that again.”Nial shivered. “I think you are a fine wolf, but I really don’t like being that close to those teeth of yours.”

She Who Must Be Obeyed snorted back at Nial, who quickly turned and marched into the main garage.

Sangilak and his companion were amazed at the sights within the main garage. There large conveyors for bearing the toys from the Toy Sorting and Shipping departments running from almost every direction near the roof. Along the walls, there were various workbenches and diagrams of components of Santa’s sleigh.
In the center of the garage was a large round pedestal. On top of this pedestal, there was the most ornate red and gold sleigh.

Running back and forth from the workbenches and the sleigh were several elfs. They were carrying either parts or tools to the two workers obviously in charge of maintaining Santa’s Sleigh. Nial, Sangilak and She Who Must Be Obeyed could hear them discussing and debating over what should be done next and how it should be done.

“Sammy.” The sleek black coated Cat pointed to the exposed Candy Cane Drive Oscillators. “You have to use a right twist candy cane here. The left twist canes always come loose.”
“Tinker.” The elf wiped the sugar dust from him hands onto his leather apron. “These are right twist candy canes. You have put them in backwards.”
“Are you sure these are right twist?” Tinker asked not believing he would have put something in backwards.
“Yes.” Sammy stated. “The right twist candy canes are green. The left twist canes are red.”
Tinker looked down at the candy cane he had just installed. He scratched his ear with the wrench he held in his paw.
“Sammy.” Tinker pondered.
“What is the matter?” Sammy sighed.
“Shouldn’t we find someone who isn’t color-blind to pick the correct candy cane then?” Tinker smiled.
Sammy looked at the canes and realized that neither he nor Tinker would ever be able to tell them apart. He started to laugh. Tinker joined in and was soon rolling on his back in laughter.

Sammy and Tinker’s laughter caught the attention of three others working in the Garage, one was a large portly gentleman and other two were cats, a fluffy cat with brown fur and dark chocolate points and pure white paws and a white-mitted brown and black tabby. They all looked up from the navigation maps they spread out over a large oak table to see the source of the laughter. It was Santa who first spotted Nial and his two wolf companions.

“Now.” Santa said with a tinge of surprise. ”Who do we have here? I don’t get visitors like this very often.”

Jingles tapped Cookie on the shoulder and pointed towards the newly arrived guests. Sammy and Tinker ceased laughing at the sight of the two wolves.

“Sangilak!” Tinker cried out as he leapt from the sleigh and ran to his old friend’s side. Tinker rubbed against Sangilak’s foreleg and began purring fiercely.

“Tinker.” Sangilak gently nuzzled Tinker.

“Sammy.” Sangilak croaked out his old elf friend’s name as he suddenly found Sammy’s arms wrapped tightly about his neck.

“Cookie, Jingles.” Tinker chirped happily. “This is our friend, Sangilak. He’s the one who helped us get South that year.”

“And who is this lovely lady.” Santa asked as he regarded Sangilak’s companion.

“This is my mate, She Who Must Be Obeyed.” Snagilak said proudly.

“That is a mouthful.”Santa replied, as he studied the other wolf.

“May I call you Tanaraq?” Santa asked.”It means…”

“Granddaugher of the Tundra.” Sangilak bowed his head at the honour Santa gave his mate.

“Tanaraq.” She Who Must Be Obeyed said the name out loud. “It will work amongst these creatures.”

“But to you.” Tanaraq snapped at Sangilak. “Do not forget my Pack name.”

“Never.” Sangilak backed away slightly.

“What brings you to the North Pole, Sangilak?” Sammy asked.

“I caught scent of a familiar scent while on a Hunt.” Sangilak stated.”It seemed strange to be so far away from where I remembered it.”

“What was it?” Tinker asked.

“I bear tidings of the Wishbringer.” Sangilak replied. “The one you called Myrrh.”

Sammy, Jingles, Tinker and Cookie let out a surprised gasp.

To be continued...

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