Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair: A Bridge to Be Crossed

Dolce: Dad!Dad!Dad!
Baci: Dad!Dad!Dad!
Dad: Dolce!Baci! Please take it easy!
Dolce: We asked Mom where you were and she said that you were at the Story Chair and we should let her sleep.
Dad: Well you found me.
Baci: Are you going to tell a story.
Dad: I have one in mind, Magoo`s visit reminded me of someone I have forgotten.
Dolce: Who is that. A fearsome heroic cat who rights all wrongs.
Dad: No, Dolce.
Baci: How about a young male cat who makes all the ladies swoon.
Dolce: Why would Dad write about Scout.
Baci: I meant me.
Dolce: Oh, a fantasy story.
Baci: Dad!!!
Dad: Baci, Dolce is just teasing you. Right Dolce.
Dolce: Yeah. Sure. Scout is 5 years old now. That is a mature male cat... Yeeroowww!
Dad: You are both fixed.
Dolce: I know. I`m fixed here in this place and Scout is fixed in his place. And we can`t unfix ourselves to meet someplace like Los Vegas.
Baci: I don`t think that Fixed means that.
Dad: I`m changing the subject. A furriend just lost a Bean that very special to them.
Baci: They don`t know where their bean is. That`s very careless.
Dolce: Dad means that they went to the Rainbow Bridge.
Dad: You are sort of right, Dolce. When we beans leave this earth we don`t go to the Bridge, we stop and pick up all the furriends who left before us and then we go to Heaven.
Baci: You`re not going to do that for us are you, Dad.
Dad: I made a promise so that I could talk to Magoo one more time. So, no. You will wait for your mom.
Baci: But you`re my Bean. You and I will cross the Bridge together.
Dad: No, my beloved. Your heart belongs to my heart; my wife. Now come here and sit on the Story Chair. See those those feathers on the far right corner. Those are Magoo`s message to us. As we sit here and tell stories, all of our furriends who are still at the Bridge can come and sit and listen and laugh and cry with us here at the Story Chair.
Dolce: Can we play and laugh and wrestle with them.
Dad: My first thought, Dolce, is no for they are no longer part of this world. But...
Dolce: What is but. It usually means something nasty from Baci that can clear a room.
Baci: Dad!
Dad: Sorry Baci, Dolce`s right. Back to what we were discussing...whatever is possible is up to whoever comes to the Story Chair. If they want to play and cavort with their furriends, that is up to them. This is a place I have created in my mind where I have decided that furriends can come and visit and where miracles are as common as a honked horn during rush hour traffic and wishes are simply difficult action plans, and the Impossible is the to-do list for R&D.
Baci: Okay. Where are we going, Dad.
Dad: We are going to find a Bean who is at the beginning of the last great adventure...
Dolce: Do we know this Bean.
Dad: Of course! It is all of us, sooner or later...

P.S. This is dedicated to my grandma, Margaret. The first crazy cat lady I ever knew. And the one who taught me how to make chocolate brownies and whose dinner bun recipe I still use twenty years later.


  1. What a wonderful post about the beans that have left us.

  2. Am glad we got to sit near "the story chair" for a minute... it's a good place to me. My Mom passed away just three months ago, she is missed every day. Maggy and Zoey continue to enter her room to sit on the windowsills there, but now they enter with caution and care...
    those we love are but a breath away.
    Thank you.

  3. This is a wonderful story.
    My mother passed away over ten years ago, and it still feels like yesterday.

  4. Am glad to see you posting again. Sitting around your story chair is very comfy.

  5. We is taking heed and creating a place in our minds where we can be with all da ones we love whenever we want!

  6. That story was soooo wonderful!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon