Friday, April 09, 2010

Heaven has a new Angel

At 8:08pm Mountain Daylight Time, Magoo Smith peacefully passed away while his Mom, Dad and Grandma placed kisses upon his furry head.

Magoo Smith 1996-2010

I was here.
I mattered.
I was loved.
I am eternal.


  1. O, so furry sorry for yours loss, for ours loss, too.
    Magoo will be so missed.
    Sending soft purrs to hims fambly,
    Missy Blue Eyes
    Faith Boomerang
    Mom ML

  2. Godspeed sweet Magoo...(((hugs)))to yoor fambly. Yoor gonna be missed by lots of others too but not as much as by dem.

  3. Oh, we are so sorry to learn this! We know you are missing Magoo and we are sad for you. Sending soft purrs and tail wags and hugs.

  4. Heaven has a new Angel kitty today!! We are so sorry for your loss!! Hugggs and purrrs for alll of us!! We will miss you Magoo!!
    Love from your TX furiends,

  5. We are sorry loss! God Bless You

    joanne, jane, jill, johnny, jay boy, jasmine & capu from singapore

  6. We are so sorry to hear about Magoo. It seems so sudden.

    The poem is a wonderful tribute and so very true.

  7. I am so very sorry that Magoo has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Sending hugs from me and purrs from Herman.

  8. We are so sorry that dear Magoo left for The Bridge. May he fly free at The Bridge and watch over you all.

    The little poem is so profound and a beautiful truth.

    Rumbly purrs and love

    Whicky Wuudler
    & The Mum

  9. We are so sorry about your sad news. We send comforting purrs and hugs.

  10. Oh, I'm so, so sorry...I'm trying not to cry, but am failing. Please know I'm sending you healing Light and wishing you all Blessings and Peace.


  11. We are so very sorry. (((hugs))) to you.
    The Bridge has a new and wonderful angel.

  12. We are so sorry to hear about Magoo. He was very special. Sending purrs and good thoughts to you all.

    Fat Eric and mum, Kate

  13. My sisters and I send our love to you all and our whiskers are weepy wet with the saddest of news. Purrs to you.

  14. Sending lots of love and light to you all - we are so sorry you lost Magoo. He is well and happy at the Bridge and waiting for you!

  15. We are so sorry to hear about Magoo going to the Bridge. We hope all the joy he brought you during the years helps you through this difficult time.


  16. Sad day for all of us that are left behind, with the memories of so many good times.
    Nothing can take away the love that you had and the memories are yours forever.
    You are not alone in your sadness. we are thinking of all of you.

    gentle hugs
    Rest peacefully Magoo dear friend.
    I know that Caesar and Princess were there to greet him

  17. We're so sorry to hear that Magoo has left for the Bridge. Our purrs and prayers are with you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  18. We are all so very sorry to learn of Magoo's passing. Sending gentle headbutts & hugs to all the family.

  19. oh yes Magoo, you were very loved by and mattered to a whole lot of people. MagoosFamily, we are so furry furry sorry. We knows that Magoo was meeted by a LOT of kitties at the Rainbow Bridge and that they are all laffin and laffin at stories they is all telling.

    Magoo, it herts us way too much to haf to say good bye to you, so we will just say Until we meet at the Bridge.............

  20. Yes, you DID matter. Sending tender thoughts to your people that their ♥s may receive comfort in knowing that they gave your life meaning and blessed you with l♥ve.

  21. Lots of purrs and prayers and good thoughts coming to you in your loss of Magoo. It is so very hard to lose an animal. But just know that he is very happy running around his cat heaven and misses you a lot. Take care.

  22. We're so sorry that Magoo had to go the Bridge. Sending quiet purrs to help comfort you.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  23. Magoo dear friend run free at the bridge and enjoy the eternal sunshine and green grass.
    We are thankful to have known you, and though your family will miss you terribly, they will be comforted in time by their memories of the wonderful life you lived.
    SSS & Mom

  24. Oh we are so so sorry to hear about Magoo. We are sending all of you lots of comforting purrs and prayers.

  25. We're so very sorry. We haven't been around the blogosphere much recently, but that doesn't mean we've ever stopped thinking about all of you. Big fluffy gorgeous Magoo has always been one of our very favorite furrends. Sending lots of love, purrs & hugs your way from every one of us.

  26. we're so sorry for your loss.

  27. We are so sorry to hear Magoo has gone to the Bridge. Brendan is there to help him. Fergus and his faithful Silas are there are is Finnegan, Seamus and Gandolf.

    May we all meet up again someday.

  28. So very sorry for your loss. Bless you and Magoo.

  29. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending lots of purrs from Arthur, Beowulf and hugs from Avram and I.

    ~your friends at New Cat City

  30. Farewell sweet Magoo. We will miss you. Hugs and purrs to your family.

  31. We are so so sorry to hear about Magoo. What a hansdsome Mancat. We will miss him. We are sending you our hugs, purs,a nd prayers.

  32. All of you are in our prayers. Magoo knew he was loved.

    Moe, Carmela, and Catmomma Diane

  33. We are sorry to hear that Magoo left for the Bridge. We know how much you are missing him!

  34. We are so sorry that your sweet boy had to leave you ... gentle purrs and comforting thought to beans and kitties of the Smith family.

    Run free at the Bridge, sweet Magoo ...

    'Kaika and his mom

  35. Aw, man, Magoo...we're gonna miss you. I know there's lots of our kitty friends waiting for you at the Bridge and they'll show you around, but it really really sux...

  36. To a kitty who was here,who mattered , was loved and is eternal...have a blast at the Bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To your family ,left behind...PURRS!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  37. All of us send our sympathies and comforting purrayers for your loss.

  38. May Magoo run happily over the Rainbow Bridge to greet you someday. I am sure many of his friends there will be running with him to say hello and be your friends, too,cause of all the nice stories he will tell them about you.

  39. we are all so very sorry to hear about magoo.

    he will be missed

    our heartfelt condolences

    mom debra

  40. Owr eyes are leaking ofur heer. We's so sorry fur yur loss. Owr Tinkerbell, Shadow,and Cleo will be on the lookowt fur you.
    ~Meeko, Kiara, and Fambly

  41. David E. Francis4/10/2010 8:43 PM

    I am so sorry to hear about Magoo. He will be sorely missed; by you, his family, and us, his friends. It is comforting to know that he is no longer suffering and is whole again at the Bridge enjoying God's love.


  42. We is so furry sorry to see dat Magoo has lefted fur the bridge. We don't haf da werds for how we feel. Magoo... we'll amember him always. An watch out fur Bonnie at da bridge!
    Victor & Nina

  43. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Though we haven't been around to visit in a long time, we still remember stories of Magoo fondly. Many purrs to all of you during this difficult time.

    Mattingly and Harlie

  44. I came from Derby and Dicky's blog to say godspeed to Magoo. And condolences to his fambly.

  45. Oh Magoo ... you will be missed so so much. Your's was the first birthday party we attended on the Cat Blogosphere. I saw a reference to Magoo earlier, but thought, surely that's a different Magoo, and didn't even want to check for fear of being wrong. You set a good example for the other kitties in the family. And most importantly, you were loved, and gave love back, and that's all anyone can ask for. We will see you at the Bridge...
    --Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie

  46. You'll be missed - see ya on da other side someday

  47. Hugs from all of us - Magoo was a wonderful friend.

  48. We are so sorry to hear about Magoo. He *is eternal, though--and will have many friends to play with while he waits. Purrs to you all.

    ~William & Co.

  49. We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this very sad time.

  50. Please accept our condolences on the loss of Magoo. We know how hard this is for you, but we also know Magoo was well loved and will live forever in your hearts.

    Crew's Mom

  51. What sad noos to find out when Mommy gotted home frum Blogpaws.
    Oh Magoo we is so sorry yoo hadded to go to tha Bridge. We knows yoo is ok there playin n all, but we is sad to not haf yoo here. We will send lots of purrs for yore family and there sads.
    Sanjee and the rest of the Hotties