Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair: Renovations are complete

Dad: When I started telling stories here at Dolce's Story Chair, I envisioned a large chair that of all us could sit and enjoy some stories that I had thought up. I used to put a really bad picture of a red chair on the blog to signify that this was a Story Chair moment...

I'm sorry. It was pretty lame.

Then my furry inspirations decided to help me out...

Welcome to the Story Chair

Dad: This is a place to tell stories! See the long puffy pillow! See the comfortable blankets for laying on! See the two kitty belly's that cry out for cuddling!


The ending credits just like a big fancy movie...
Thanks for snuggling with us, come back soon.

Dad: So what do you think?


  1. We like Dolce's story chair. Looks like there's room for company too.

  2. I like the story chair. I think I'll curl up like that too...

  3. We love da new chair but we hafta say, we woulda sat on sharp rocks to hear one of yoor stories Mr Dolce's dad! Well, okay, we woulda brawt cushons to sit on da rocks but still...

  4. The Story Chair looks very comfy. We would like to all snuggle together and listen to stories.

  5. We never thought the old red chair was lame. We always imagined a old chair, a bit worn from years of use, but still comfortable, someone's favorite chair. The new one does look comfortable, though, and it might have a little more room for kitties.

    That said, we are with Zippy, Sadie & Speedy: we'd sit on a rose bush to listen to one of your stories.

  6. What a purrfectly cozy & inviting Story Chair! We're all really excited to see another story waiting but the Lady won't let us read it for a couple hours on account of she's at work and she's got a feeling her eyes might leak and then people would know she's not really working cuz her work is nothing to cry about - snore, maybe, but not cry. We'll be back ASAP!