Monday, August 27, 2007

It's a Work of Art, I Tell Ya!

Before I explain the title of this post, I should let you know that Baci and Dolce are with me on Project. There is a reason why they are with me and not Bella. I will explain later why, but be assured there is nothing wrong with any of the four cats in our household.

We have tried many different ways to manage the output from our four cats. We orginally used the self-cleaning litter boxes, but Magoo grew a little too big for even the largest one. We tried the Littermaid products but Magoo was pretty intent on always peeing on the rake mechanism and it would constantly be jammed. Our last and most successful idea to date (not to mention the least expensive) is to use two under bed storage boxes. They are quite long, 18 inches wide and about 6 inches deep. Each one takes one full box (40lb) of cat litter. The cats love it. They can dig to their hearts content; it does not get disgusting as fast as a smaller litter box, and it is easier for me to clean.

Now for the main purpose of this post. We have a small litter box that we take camping with us for Dolce and Baci to use. I currently have that litter box with me, as well as Dolce and Baci. So I am dutifully cleaning the litter box, when Baci comes by and watches me. His eyes track each lump of hardened cat litter and kitty doot. I don't know what is going on in his mind, but I think it goes something like this:

Dad, that's not mine. I peed on the side of the box. Magoo says that that method makes you have to replace the litter faster. It must be Dolce's. Ooh! Ooh! That ones mine. I left that one this morning at 4:30am. You remember, you woke up and complained about the smell. Oh! That ones mine too. Although I like chick-hen, especially when its from the Colonel, it doesn't like me. Are you done yet? All this watching you clean the litter has made me have to pee. Could you please hurry?

I do not know why they find it so interesting to watch us clean their litter, but I had an audience. As I picked the last doot out of the litter box. I swear that Baci was saying "It's a work of art, I tell ya."


  1. wow, i'm very glad you guys are OK. No going out without snoopervision from your beans!!
    rotten evil people hurting kitties. that makes me very very angry.
    on a happier note (well not for the scooper) i am very proud of you Baci. sometimes beans just don't appreciate all our hard work. *snicker* and i get laxitone every other day for my IBS, my beans looooooooove scooping that day! ha ha ha

  2. I akshually get in the box to point out all the buried and hidden doots to mommy. she 'preshiates this lots. - Miles

  3. The Siamese who came before used to hope in the box and use it just as the Woman would try and change it. Then there was more...

  4. In our house, we race to see who can get in there first to make the first poo after dad cleans it. It's usually Maggie.

    And thanks so much for the kind words you left on our blog. It really touched our hearts.

    -The McKitten-Cats (and their mom and dad)

  5. I just looked at Nine Lives and yes, that is what I had in mind. Once I am a bit more composed I will write Anastasia's story and send it to you.
    Do other beans not know about the blog? Because I did not see many stories - but I know that sadly we lost several friends only in the four month since we started blogging.
    But everybody goes through their grieve differently.
    Thank you for putting this blog up, thank you for your support - I am actually not able at the moment to read your other blog, The Darkening Road - the crying is just too overwhelming...
    Karl, and the staff

  6. Heh, Heh. We think you got that conversation just right! We have a couple of the storage boxes too, they are great!!!!!
    Dolce: It's a date!! Lets go bug hunting asap!

  7. I'm glad to hear you were properly supervised during your "dooty" duty! We always require the supervision of at least one of our 5 cats each time we scoop, too. I think there's a contract or union or something!

  8. I always have to investigate when Jasmine is scooping my litterbox.

  9. Haha, and I bet yoo do the same as us. As soon as it is clean yoo haf to git in there as fast as yoo can.

  10. I'm the number one (and number two) litter cleenowt inspekter in my howse. I always come running win the boxes git kleend, and I even jump in beefore thare offishully done cuz the thot of a kleen box GITS ME SO IXSITED!!!!!