Friday, August 10, 2007

Hippo Birdday to Dad!

Today is Dad's Hippo Birdday as Victor Tabbycat likes to sing. He's almost ancient. Not as bad as Magoo who is all the way ancient. We had to sing the Hippo Birdday song to him over the phone because he working on project again.

I don't know who this Project person is but I do not like them taking our Dad away from us all the time. Maybe Dad can introduce Project to Baci. Then Project might take him away for a little bit. Boy would that be nice.

Mom sent Dad an e-card. It had kittens playing on a trampoline. It was furry furry funny.


PS. Dad is thinking about taking Bella with him on Project since he has a nice apartment. He says he misses us lots when he is gone. Mom thinks it would be a good idea to give Bella some snuggle time with Dad all by herself. What do you think?


  1. Hoppy Birthday! I think Daddy should take ME! ~Fiona Bun

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    I don't know if I would like to travel even with the woman.. hmm.. tough call.

  3. Happy Birthday Dad!!!! Our folks are pretty nearly ancient too!
    If Baci likes to travel, and it seems like he does from hearing the camping story, it sounds like a great idea.
    Miles & Sammy Meezer traveled all the time to go see their dad for the weekend.
    It must be hard for dad to be all alone with no cat in the house.

  4. what does Bella think??
    (Hippoo Birdy to you!)

  5. oh for shur!! they would bof love it!!!!

    Happy Purrfday MrDolcesDaddy!!!

  6. Happy Purr day to Dad,
    How is Smudge?

  7. Hippo Birdday to your Dad!
    Ask the Pwoject person to give your Daddy a bweak so he can come back and see you all on his Birdday!

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  9. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  10. well, we haf been travelling lately and we thinks that if it is for a good cause like more snuggles time than it is worth it ~The Fluffy Tribe

  11. Happy Birthday plus a couple days! (sorry - we're a little late) you should certainly take Bella. snuggle time makes everything happier - even work!