Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bella, Queen of the Household

I have mentioned before that Bella is my Thinker. She is also Queen of the Household. She is also one of the hardest of my cats to write about. To say there is nothing special about her would be a lie, so there are things about her I could write. But she is so quiet and independent in her ways, they might seem to be no different than what you see your own beloved cats doing.

Bella shares a treat with Dolce.

Bella on yard patrol.

She does have a few bad traits such as hopping the fence to go and visit the nieghbors. This always earns her a little time under house arrest (no yard patrol).

But other than that she is a very quiet cat. She shows up every morning for a quick chin scritch or a snorgle. Bella sits on my wife's lap and helps her with her mascara before she heads off to work. Bella cries with the rest of the cats when Stinky Goodness is offered.

I often wonder what she is thinking. Does she wish for things unattainable or contemplate simple things like why her mouses are blue and green? Whatever it is, it does not stop her from making happy paws on my stomache while she sits and purs.

She is and always will be the Queen of our Household.


  1. Hello Bella. You are a lovely girl. The description of you reminded me much of our Georgia. Always there but always independent.

  2. Bella is a beautiful girl!

  3. Well Queen Bella -- you are a beautiful girl! You remind me a lot of Josie - she is very quiet and unassuming, but has such a presence in our house. I'm so happy you told us about Bella.

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat's Mom (Jeni)

  4. Hi Bella! You look quite serious doing your yard patrol!

  5. Bella is so beautiful! And it really made me laugh the way you said she makes "happy paws on my stomach while she sits and purrs"! So adorable!


    ~The Flyer

  6. every household needs a queen....i'll have to ask my Mom to find one 'cause that poopy Casey sure doesn't fit the bill

  7. What a lovely and gorgeous kitty you are, Miss Bella.

  8. who needs words? that's one beautiful girl! please, more pictures of gorgeous Queen Bella!

  9. Hiya Bella... You iz very purrtee.

    Oh you make happy paws on urz meoewmee..

    I do dat on hur arm... soze meowmee gets dis towel and puts it dehr cuz i gets all kneadin and purrin and don't knohz ize leevin purrickily marks on da inside of hur elbow.

    tanks kind meowmie purrson for postin...

    Katie Too.

  10. We have not visited in a long time. We had to read some past entries to get caught up..

    Bella is very pretty. It is good to be independent.

    That plate of whippy creme looks delish