Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dear Cats / Dear Dad

Dear Cats,

Although I have a pretty good idea of who the perpetrator is, since I did not see the act take place, I cannot name names as to who is responsible for embarassing me in front of Project.

I know you all like to play with your toys, and I know that the best way to play with them is to put them someplace where it is hard to retrieve them. Like under the couch or under the linen closet door. Or like I discovered this morning as I was putting on my dress shoes. Now Dad has to share an apartment with one of the Project people. So they got a real good laugh as Dad tried to figured out what was jammed in the toe of his dress shoe. They thought it was quite funny when I pulled a fuzzy mouse from my shoe.

So please no more fuzzy mice in Dad's shoes.

Love Dad.

Dear Dad,

Please return my fuzzy mouse as soon as possible. I was not done playing with that one when you so rudely took your shoes away. There were two other shoes you could have taken that did not have my fuzzy mouse in.

Love Dolce


  1. Oh how rude of your Dad to take your toy away Dolce!

  2. It's all your dad's fault for taking away your gweat hiding pwace for your fuzzy mouse! Aren't shoes meant for hiding fuzzy mice? What is your dad doing with them if not to hide the mousies?

  3. sometimes our Quiet Girl takes our fuzzy mice to play with herownself. doesn't your dad like to play with fuzzy mice too? he's really missing out on some fun.

  4. but it was a great hiding place!

  5. tee hee hee i think that is a clever spot to keep it! i hope you got it back.

    happy belated birthday to your dad!!!

  6. How mean of yer dad to take yer fuzzy mouse wiv him.Belated Happy Purrfday to him.
    We liked all the pikchurs of yer camping advenchur. It looked like grate fun.

  7. Dear Dad,
    Dolce couldn't fit in the shoe herself, so she did the next best thing and gave you her favorite playtoy.

  8. Oh my!
    Daddy, you neeeeed to give the mousie back.


    purrrrrs Princess

  9. Dolce, don't werry. Yore Dad wuz jus borrowin yore fuzzy mousie and will give it back next time he sees yu. By the way, I posted yore pikchur as one of mine face twins on mine Toosday post in anser to George frum the Crews' Views noze and face twin challenj.

  10. Hi, this is Pyewacket in Australia and I have ELEVEN mice! Once She woke up to find all of them on her bed. And I have a ferret and a rat. But the rat is missing.
    I want Her to hire a clairvoyant to find it but she won't.