Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dolce has some news

Baby Dolce and Mom Sleeping

I has to type very quietly or Baci might hear and he'll come running to find out what I'm doing.

I just wanted to let all of our furriends know that Baci turns one year old on Saturday, Sept 1st. I know I should have posted a picture of him, but I think I am still cuter than he is.

It's going to be my second purrthday on Sept 29, 2007. Dad says that I am officially an adult cat now. I said that since I am an adult, can I have a car and a credit card now.

He laughed at me. Can you believe it?


  1. Oh, that's exactly the place that was Ubee's comfort spot....

    Thanks for leaving a comment, and asking about his portrait.
    I have a generic photo software product (not Photo Shop) - I first cropped the picture, then enlarged the cropped image. Enlarging the pixel size (I think I went up to 800x800 pixels for this one) will enable your "enhancements" to pick up details.
    First, I enhanced the contrast, then enhanced the color saturation (to +150% of normal) - again, these make the "enhancements" pick up more details.
    Then I went into "effects" and then the used "dry brush" enhancement. This is what makes it look like a hand-done portrait. I've found that the "watercolor" and "colored pencil" effects have good results with cat photos, too - I tried them both, but went with "dry brush" for this photo.
    After I saved the enhancements, I re-sized the image back down to 400x400 pixels, so some of the graininess was sharpened.
    Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, just let me know.
    Oh - and I just found out all these things via trial & error, no training. I find that these techniques also help "salvage" slightly blurry cat pictures too -- sometimes they make great portraits!
    Have fun!!!

    Not The Mama
    from Purrchance To Dream

  2. Happy Purrthdays to Mews!! :)

    Thank you ever so much for stopping by my internets howse today, it's furry nice to meet you!

  3. ooooo a purrfday. that's great!! YAY!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday. I think you all should have a big big party! What fun.

  5. You are always in first place with me Dolce!!! Loved the comment about the cat happy meal!!! -Scout

  6. Of course you should have a car and cwedit card!

  7. I'll have to remember to drop by Saturday and wish him a happy birthday. You look very cute in the photo.

  8. Late Happy Birthday wishes to you Dolce! I hope your day was very wonderful. And yes, you are very cute but my Daddy would laugh at me too if I asked for a car.