Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Scooter McTabby's Detective Agency: Active Case File 1.2

Case No. 1: The Tale of the Unattainable Temptations (Part II)

Scooter lead Whatley and Persephone from the Sunroom to kitchen where the Lesser Pantry was located. Several of the other cats tried to follow, as they were very concerned about the missing Temptations. Scooter told the other cats to remain in the Sunroom until he and Whatley had processed the crime scene. He had heard that from the television from something called CSI. Scooter thought the Corgis would soon think twice about making fun of the cats as they watched television. Scooter paused and wondered if the Beans would worry if they knew his favourite show was Mythbusters.

Scooter looked around the base of the Lesser Pantry. He sniffed and tasted the air. There was no sign or taste of any Temptations on the floor or on the front of the Lesser Pantry doors. Scooter had a twinge that he was missing something. He looked down at his paws. That was it.

“You could never hold a magnifying glass. Scooter.” Whatley said as she moved closer so that Persephone could not hear. “You’re not a Poly-Toes.”

“If only my old friend, Harper Caturday, was here.” Scooter mused softly, “There is a cat that can hold a magnifying glass. Oh well. We shall have to use our noses, tongues, and our ears instead.”

“I don’t have to lick the floor do I?” Whatley grimaced. “Since Mom Bean has the Icks, the floor hasn’t been washed for several days.”

“As my sidekick.” Scooter instructed. ‘I do believe it is your job to process the evidence and present it to me as the Lead Investigator.”

“Well.” Whatley steeled herself and looked Scooter directly in the eye. “As the Lead Investigator, it is your job to provide your sidekick with a suitable outfit. Such as a well trimmed trench coat or such. I checked Skeezix’s Latest List For Fashionable Investigators and he said that a Trench Coat was the absolute minimum for any detective work.”

“Darn.” Scooter murmured to himself. “That will teach me to name drop during an investigation.”

Scooter looked about the base of the Lesser Pantry. Everything appeared to be ordinary. Something caught Scooter’s eye near the bottom hinge.

“Whatley.” Scooter asked his assistant for confirmation. “What is that hanging from the hinge of the Lesser Pantry?”

Whatley looked closely at the evidence that had caught Scooter’s eye.

“It’s a long piece of fur.” Whatley looked even closer. “Definitely cat and definitely long haired.”

“My Dear, Whatley.” Scooter declared. “We have just eliminated half the household. The perpetrator is one of the long haired cats.”

“Now what do we do?” Whately asked quickly. She was finding this detective assistant work very exciting.

“Now, we try to catch the thief in their own lies.” Scooter advised.


  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, we are sitting on the edge of our seats.

  2. "Skeezix’s Latest List For Fashionable Investigators"? we love that! this is very exciting - we're looking forward to the questioning of the long haired cats!

  3. This story is really good. It's exciting and funny, too, which is my very favorite kind of story. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

  4. Thanks for inklooding me in yer storey! And thanks for reeminding me that I'm gitting beehind in my Scooter McTabby reeding!!!

  5. Ooo, dis iz getting furry a'citing. We like dat sum of our frends are getting menshuned in da story. We can't wate fur da kweschuning of da long hair cats, dat shood be intents.