Sunday, October 22, 2006

The V-E-T Report

By Magoo

Sure it was time for our annual check-up and we had to go the V-E-T anyways. But the main reason was to find out why my stooopid brother had lost weight. So what does Smudge do when Mom went to pack us all into the carriers?

He fricking hid! He hid so well Mom couldn't find him! So Bella and I had to go to the V-E-T without him!

I'm seriously thinking of giving him a couple Paws of Death and maybe a Magoo's Trademark Sumo Belly Slam. All that misery and he gets out of it by hiding. Maybe if I was a skinny little black twerp instead of a big-boned grey tank, I could have hidden too.

Breath deep. Inhale the gentle soothing catnip scent.

Well enough about Mr.Scaredy-Pants.

Bella and I had our check-ups and we are in great shape. I managed to loose 0.6kg (1.3 lbs) since my last visit. Dr. Nick says that my little fat pocket is gone and he can feel all my insides. I am now a strapping 6.6kg (14.5lbs). Bella has lost a little weight too, which Dr. Nick thought was good. He was glad to see that our enjoyment of Dolce's kitten food did not cause any lingering weight issues.

Now to go and find Smudge. I still have to "discuss" his skipping out on the V-E-T visit.

S-m-u-d-g-e! Oh S-m-u-d-g-e! Where are you? I have a gift for you! S-m-u-d-g-e!


  1. GREAT job Smudge! Of the 3 of us, I'm WAY bigger than the other two, yet I managed to hide so well on Saturday that no one could find me. The Allergic Girl, in violation of the No One Comes Over Ever Rule, brought a strange boy to the house. Then, she actually had the nerve to try to introduce us! When she couldn't find me, she tried shaking the bag of Temptations. HA! Didn't fool me - I could still smell Strange Boy.

  2. Keep hiding Smudge! Keep hiding!!
    ~ turtle