Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tabby Tummy Tuesday (Doubleshot)

Bella has always been the essense of dignity and grace. Sure she can't sit like a lady with her paws together (Actually more like a trucker with a beer gut), but when she lays down she is simply stunning.

I couldn't help but repost this picture of Dolce's kitten tummy.
If there was ever a picture that signified Tabby Tummmy Tuesday, for me, this is it.

PS: Smudge may have outwitted Mom, but he is no match for Dad. He goes to the V-E-T today with Dolce. After seeing the weight chnages in the other cats, Dad is not as worried about him. He is still thankful for all the knid thoughts everyone sent Smudge. This will Dolce's first visit with Dr. Nick. I wonder what she will break in his office. (All of the cats have each demolished one thing in his office.)


  1. Oh, very cute tummies. Good luck at the VET.

  2. Oh we love tummy Tuesdays!

  3. Two very pretty ladies!
    Good luck at the v-e-t Smudge & Dolce. We think Dolce with do nothing more than charm the heck out of the doctor! Let us know when you get a diagnosis on Smudge.

  4. Aw, baby Dolce gots the cutest tummy. An ya gotted 3 tees too.

  5. Bella is gorgeous. Very elegant.

  6. David E. Francis10/24/2006 6:53 PM

    It is good to see Bella on the blog. She doesn't appear that often.

    I hope the vet visit went well for all the kitties.


  7. oh your kitty is so gorgeous...she looks just like my millie! is she a maine coon?