Monday, October 23, 2006

Midnight Monday

Welcome to Midnight Monday!

I have to type fast, because Magoo is still on the warpath about me missing the V-E-T visit. Sometimes there are benefits to being an all black kitty who can squeeze into tiny spaces.

I just didn't want to go to the V-E-T. Dad was feeling poorly due to "Too Much Fun the Night Before", so I took apon myself to take care of him. I wasn't being a Scaredy-Pants as Magoo put it; I was putting my Dad's welfare ahead of my own. The way I see it, I was being extremely unselfish.

Given that all the other kitties lost weight, it only stands to reason that I would as well. That hasn't stop Dad from sneaking me some extra Stinky Goodness. But I really got to run. I think I hear Magoo thudding down the hallway towards the computer room.

On a sad note, please go visit Cat Girl's Amazing Felines. It has been a rough fall on their household as three of their kitties crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this fall.


  1. You are such a considerate cat to put your Dad'a health before your own. You certainly deserve some extra treats..

  2. Excellent Midnight Monday, especially with those glowing eyes! And I hope your Dad feels well soon. Lucky that he has you to take care of him.

  3. Whoa! Excellent Midnight Monday - we wish we had fluff like that! Our Lady hadta biggify the picshure to admire you even closer up. It wuz furry considerate of you ta wanna take care of yur Daddy. The Vet can wait fur a more convenient time, right?

  4. Furry nice of you to look after your Daddy like that. After all, it must be traw-ma-tizin for him to take you to the V-E-T. Great Midnight Monday post :)
    Boni, Mini, Sanjee, Pepi and Gree

  5. Oh Smudge, you haf to tell me how you hid so well. I'm so pury tired of going to the V-E-T. Of course, we know you weren't hiding, you were helping your dad. So, will you tell me how to "help" my daddy too.....
    Fangtastic Midnight Monday Pikshure

  6. Of COURSE you put your Dad's welfare ahead of your own. I would expect nothing less of you because you are clearly an honorable sort of panther. (Now keep hiding until Magoo forgets all about that little trip to the vet...)
    ~ turtle

  7. Staying home to help your Daddy was a great way to get out of going to the vet. I love your Midnight Monday picture with your glowing eyes.