Thursday, October 12, 2006

And you thought Dolce was cute!

I came across a photo CD from several years back while trying to organize my home office. This was before we had the digital camera and the only way we could get picture of our three kids at the time was to get a CD made when we developed the film. Of course, we did no know how bad the picture were until we had them developed. Trust me, the Flash was not my friend. But what I discoverd was truly special; Bella's kitten pictures.

Bella was a real finicky little eater when we brought her home from the SPCA. She seemed to hate all the food we had bought for her. My wife was worried that she had been separated from her mom too soon so she picked up a kitten nursing kit.

Bella, being the stinker that she was, soon hated this too.

One thing was certain though, she was enthralled with her big brother Magoo from day one. She would follow him around all day. I don't think she had ever seen such a big cat.

From him she learned about going outside and it soon became one of her favourite places. Under strict Mom and Dad supervision of course.

Being that she was the first girl kitten that Smudge had seen in a long time, he was smitten with her from day one. Just as he has been good with Dolce, Smudge showed the same patient older brother tenderness to Bella. He even let her share his catnip.

The sharing of catnip was a good thing for Bella had a taste for the herb immediately. We used to put it into a little bowl for her, but she wouldn't be happy until she had knocked it over and had spent a good ten minutes rolling around in it.

One of the nice side effects of the kitten crazies that catnip causes is the peaceful naps afterwards. Bella would nap anywhere.

She was especially fond of the middle of the floor. We had to watch where we walked in those first months, for it seemed that there was a sleeping tabby kitten in the middle of every floor.

From the moment we saw her in her cage to the moment we brought her home, Bella has had her Dad wrapped around her little paw.

A feat that she has admirably taught her sister Dolce.


  1. adorable, what can we say???

    ice poo???????

  2. All the old time gangstas had cool simple names like Ice Cube or Ice-T. Magoo wanted something like that. Of course, he forgot that he shouldn't ask Dad for a gangsta name when he has a dingleberry hanging from his butt.

    So Dad called him "Ice Poo"

  3. thanks fur sharing the baby pic-shures! they're totally adorable!!!

  4. Excellent story and pictures. And you say catnip helped Bella go to sleep? Hmmm, I wonder if it would work on Catzee.

  5. Oh that's so nice. I love those photos--and Momma says you were such a cute baby. It is furry nice to have nice older cats to teach you things!

  6. Aw, she's precious! I can see how she wrapped you around her tiny paw. I love the photos with her (very) big brothers. What a wonderful group you have.
    ~ tammara

  7. They grow just too fast don't they? She was a cutie!

  8. Oh my. Wasn't she adorable too! Too bad they don't stay that way. All the Brats were adorable when they were young too but then they grew up and turned into living nightmares. Bah

  9. It's so wonderful to have those special pictures to look back. Little kitties always grab our hearts and just worm their way in even more.

  10. Awwwh cutie.