Friday, May 05, 2006

Why does this gentleman come for a visit?

We have been getting a visit from this very handsome tabby on regular basis. Given the quality of his coat and the healthy look of him, I'm pretty sure he has a home of his own.

But for some strange reason, he comes right up to our back door...

For the life of me, I can't figure out why...

Then my wife enlightened me...

It's because of the girls, stupid...

What right minded Tom, hoohaas or not, could resist these two little temptresses.


  1. Now you have to play "intimidating father" to his "gentleman caller."

    "Son, what are your intentions with my little girls?"

  2. Yes, he must be a house cat to come right up to the door. Watch your girls!!

  3. That tabby kitty looks like the cat my grandma used to have.

    According to the Purrthday List, today is Smudge's Purrthday! So just wanted to wish Smudge a very Happy Purrthday!

  4. Paws off the girls! We blogging cats will protect their virtues. Mom's first cat didn't like other cats, but once brought one into the house thru his window!

  5. Indeed! They are little beauties!

  6. Big, gorgeous eyes!
    And now there are "five"??? Maybe he wants to adopt you folks.