Monday, May 29, 2006

For Memorial Day in the US, and the Canadian Soldiers abroad

The Call

I heard the call upon the morn,
A clarion bell that woke me from my sleep.

On its toll I heard a voice say:
“You shall not turn nor look away from the pain and suffering of those who cannot hold against the forces of the world
For I am the voice of Freedom
And in my name you shall lift those who are fallen and oppressed.”

On the second toll, I heard a voice say:
“You shall stand in the fire of human misery
For I am the voice of Justice
And in my name, you will be a shield against those who care not what they take from the world.”

Upon the third toll, I heard another voice say:
“You shall stand with others to fight the darkness that would enslave men’s hearts
For I am the voice of Duty
And in my name, you will stand fast against the winds of doubt and fear.”

On the last toll, I heard a faint voice.
No words could be comprehended or understood.
It was a voice of loss and longing
That overshadowed all that came before.

And to this far off field,
I have answered the call of Freedom, Justice and Duty
To stand in defiance against the forces of injustice and oppression
And as my life bleeds away into this foreign soil
I hear again that final voice.

“Know me now, for I am the voice of Sacrifice
And in my name you have given up your life
To cast a light against the darkness that swallows all.
It was my call that you answered upon that morn.
To you, I sent the Others,
Not so that you would answer their call
But to understand why you answered mine.”


  1. Very nice tribute.

    (Thank you for the tobasco suggestion. We will be using it.)

  2. Rats, my cover is blown! This is Moose's mom. :-) Clearly, I once again forgot to sign the Terrible Three in before I commented.

  3. yes, nice tribute to those who have given so much

  4. We liked your tribute a lot. It was very touching.