Friday, August 22, 2008

It's been a long summer...

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I am in so much trouble with the true owners of this blog. They are very mad that I have not updated anything since May 11. Has it really been that long. I must getting as old as Magoo.

The one cat that is the most upset is Baci. He will be turning 2 years old in eleven days. And he was wonrried that noone would remember his Purrthday. It is hard to believe he already two. A bigger shocker is that 29 days after that Dolce turns 3 years old.

So far everyone is the house is healthy and reasonably happy (Magoo and Baci still hate each other). Gramma, who is owned by Smudge, lost a dear friend to cancer a short while ago, so we haven't been untouched by loss.


  1. Wow, Baci is already almost two? We do need to have a party.

  2. NIce to hear you guys are ok. How about some new photos? I've been busy with work too.

  3. We missed yoo guys. Wow, Baci is gonna be two...speaking of Gramma and Smudge, how are dey?

  4. I just figured you guys were on vacation, and when you came back you'd have presents for the rest of us. Well that was a disappointment. ;)

  5. In 11 days! Is there going to be a party? Happy purrthday to Baci in advance!

  6. It's so good to see you posting again ... we kept checking in hopeful, but had occasional concerned thoughts. So we are glad everyone is still healthy (except Gramma's friend, which makes us very sad for her). I just can't believe Baci will be two and Dolce three. Where does all the time go? (I know where mine goes, see pie charts above.) Anyhow, welcome back!

  7. YOUR BACK !!!
    at last
    we missed you
    kay lee and emmie the kitty cat