Saturday, April 05, 2008

We might have to apologize to Dad

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In our last post, we sort of implied that Dad was fibbin to us about all the fishes he saw.

He showed us this picture and saw that these are the same fishes in his video he took.

Baci pawed at the screen to try and get the fishes. He kept yelling Sushi! Sushi!

He's weird.

So all of us cats here are sorry we called Dad a fibber.

Magoo, Bella and Dolce.

Baci: Sushi! Sushi!


  1. SUSHI!!!! Those are GIGNORMOUS SUSHI!

  2. Mmmm sushi! We missed Magoo's purthday so HAPPY BELATED PURRTHDAY!

  3. I think you do owe your Dad an apology. That is a whole lot of fishies! I'd yell SUSHI, too, but I don't like sushi.

  4. Wowwieee!! So many fishies!