Friday, May 09, 2008

A flurry of V-E-T trips

I have been lax in posting here on the cats' blog for the last three weeks. Part of it is due to Dolce's (and prior to her, Smudge's) nemesis, Mr. Project and part of it is due to our at-home schedule.

The majority of which has been spent ferrying a different batch of cats to and from Dr.Nick's office.

Because we have four cats of varying personalities and affection for one another, Dr Nick suggested that we no longer bring the entire family in one fell swoop. Part of that could be based on the desire to increase the Examination Fee (which is based on the appointment not the number of cats). Dr Nick is a good V-E-T and I am not one to complain about some who provides us value for our money.

Dolce and Baci can go together, since they have completely bonded with each other. They actually calm each other down simply by being nearby.

Magoo has to go by himself because he just gets everyone else upset. Which is strange, because he seems to like Dr.Nick the best of all of his vets.

Bella on the other hand does not like Dr.Nick. Not one bit. She hissed at him every chance she had. But she is also a lady and she did it in a very dignified cat manner.

The problem is that Dr. Nick does not like to give all the vacinations at the same time. He says that there are possibilities that the adverse side-effects are not due to the drugs, but to the fact that they happen so close together.

What does this mean to me the Official Delivery Boy of cats to the V-E-T.

Four weeks of shuttling cats to the V-E-T to get check-ups and getting all the vacinations spread out properly. I can finally breath a sigh of relief as there will be no more trips to Dr.Nick's office. We might go visit him and his wife later this summer camping but there will be no needles or thermometers involved.

Final Verdict for all cats:
Magoo: Healthy, no current side effects from his old man medicine.
Bella: Perfect little girl.
Baci: Officialy a mancat ( he weighs 10lbs now)
Dolce: Beautiful coat, excellent health. (She did have a site-specific reaction to one of the vacinations, which lead to her scratching out all the fur in a spot the size of a silver dollar. It is starting to slowly grow back after some meds from Dr. Nick.)

Dolce: Dad! Dad! Dad! Tell all my friend that my trailer is back home and soon Baci and I will be camping again.

Dad: I don't think I need to now.

Dolce: Ok. I just wanted to make sure they knew.


  1. We (Tiki and Tavi) have to go together because Tiki hates going and yowls the whole time. Cody hasn't been to the vet since he was a kitten because no-one can catch him. He's scared of people, and since we are all indoors, we are pretty healthy.

    We hope when you go camping, you have fun.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  2. What adventures!!!
    Oh boy, Baci....we know how you love camping!! And congrats on being an official mancat.

  3. I am ever so glad that you are all well! Momma is thinking of taking me and Chey to the vet at once. YUCK! I don't like Chey all that much.

  4. we is happy you is all healthy! we has to go to the v-e-t one at a time or Miles will pee on all of us

  5. we are glad you are all healthy ~ The Fluffy Tribe

  6. We're glad to hear efurryone's doin' well and that all the v-e-t trips are finished!!