Monday, August 25, 2008

Dolce's Story Chair - A New Idea

Dolce: Dad, what happened to all the stories you used to tell us.
Dad: Well, stories are very easy to tell, but they are very hard to actually write down.
Dolce: That is so human.
Dad: What do you mean?
Dolce: If we enjoy something, like a bright sunny spot, we share it. We don't care if another cat prefers shade. If a cat doesn't like it, they will just ignore it.
Dad: What are you trying to say?
Dolce: {purring and rubbing} Dad, Just share. That is all us cats ever understand.
Dad: Well...Based on Dolce's feline guidance, here is a premise for a larger story. Let me know what you think.

Belle, Bukke and Kandel

There have always been three spirits, the Light of Knowledge, the Sound of Knowledge and the Sight of Knowledge. Alone, they have amazing powers; separated, they have caused untold chaos; united, they have been the basis of the greatest civilizations known to humankind. Humans have given them many names over many millennium; Ancient Egyptians called one of them Ra; the Ancient Greeks called one of them Zeus; Ancient Christians saw them as one being, the Trinity known as Christ.

Human understanding of the three spirits has always been based on perception; and perception has always defined reality. The reality is that they are the Sound, Sight and Light of Knowledge; the human perception is that they are Belle, Bukke, and Kandel; the three Spirits of Knowledge. Centuries of prejudice and persecution have tried to extinguish these manifestations, but they cannot be suppressed; they are eternal.

She felt indignant at the way she was placed into the small carrier. Her belly was bursting at the seams with the small lifeforms within her swollen feline frame. She curled up in the deepest corner of the plastic and wireframe structure. She had been so hungry. It had been days since she had found the strength to find food. The small plate of food had been too tempting. She needed the sustenance that the food would provide to the small kittens that strained against her tiny frame. She remembered looking at the tiny scar on her right main foot pad as she stepped into the trap.

“I know what path I place my kittens on.” She thought as she had crossed the steel threshold of the trap.

As she hungrily wolfed down the small can of food, she heard the metallic click as the trap closed down behind her. It was insignificant to what she knew she had to accomplish.

Shortly, a human had arrived. It was a kindly looking human female who carried a gentle soul and cantankerous spirit within her frame. She found the pregnant female in the trap and removed the feline from the trap.

“Keeper of the Three.” the Feline silently purred as felt herself lifted from the metal trap to the plastic carrier, “Guide the chosen ones within me, and set the others on the Path to help them.”

“And let the Mark of The Paw protect them.” She added as she looked once again at the tiny scar on her right paw. “My Path is set and I surrender to it.”


  1. Yes, Dolce. Your dad absolutely should share his stories with us! Keep after him till he does. We'd love to hear this whole story. Is it done yet? Purr on him for us till he finishes it, okay?

  2. yes, we likey it.
    Harper and Ramona

  3. Oh, now we definitely need more...

  4. more more more....


  5. This is lovely
    thank you,
    and more please?
    kay lee
    and emmie the kitty

  6. This sounds like it is going to be an exciting story.

  7. Oh, this sounds wonderful! We can't wait to hear more!