Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Prelude to a Tale

Dolce (teleporting into Dad's hotel room): Dad!
Dad: Dolce, what are you doing here?
Dolce: Dad, I'm losing a furriend tommorow.
Dad: I know Dolce.
Dolce: It's not fair. I just lost Chatham and now Buzzerbee is going to leave us.
Dad: You know that Buzzerbee was sick, and that his purrsons were trying to make him better.
Dolce: Yes, but...
Baci (teleports into the hotel room and careens into Dolce's butt.): Dad!
Dad: Yes, Baci?
Baci: Dolce says a furriend of ours is leaving.
Dad: Yes, Baci. A beloved furriend is leaving us tomorrow.
Baci: Why? Why does he want to leave?
Dolce: He doesn't want to leave. He is very sick.
Dad: That's right Dolce. Buzzerbee is very sick and his purrsons don't want to cause him anymore discomfort.
Baci: It makes me sad.
Dolce: It makes us all sad.
Dad: It even makes me sad, Baci. I have never petted Buzzerbee or held him in my arms but he feels like I knew him as much as I know you and Dolce.
Dolce: Don't be sad. We're still here.
Dad: I know Dolce. But...
Dolce: But what?
Dad: Time has a different plan for each of us. For you and Baci and Magoo and Bella, the plan is different than it is for your Mom and me.
Baci: I don't want a different plan. I want the same plan as you.
Dolce: Ya. The same plan.
Dad: I wish you could have the same plan too. But that is not what is in store for us. Do you remember the story of Elbereth?
Dolce: Yes...
Baci: Kind of. I fell asleep and dreamed of Chick-hen. I love Chick-hen.
Dad: In time, I will give you each a small piece of me and we will use that to find each other.
Dolce: I can find you now. I just say "Take me to Dad!" seven times and I teleport to you.
Dad: Maybe that's because you already have that small piece of me and your mom that let's you find us whenever you want to teleport over.
Dolce: Can this help us find you whenever we want? Even if we have to leave like Buzzerbee?
Dad: Maybe I have one more story for you about the Angels at the Rainbow Bridge.
Dolce: I could use a story.
Dad: It will probably both sad and happy at the same time.
Dolce: You always make me happy, Dad. I love you.
Baci: I love you too. Almost as much as Chick-hen!
Dad: Baci, you are incorrigible.
Dolce: Don't worry, Baci. That means cute.
Dad: I won't open your Story Chair until tomorrow night. It will be after Elbereth comes for Buzzerbee and takes him to the Rainbow Bridge.
Dolce: Maybe some of my furriends might come by.
Dad: Even if they don't, we will spend the time and we will remember Buzzerbee.


  1. We'll try to remember to come! My OTW is kinda bad about that sort of thing.

    My OTW said to tell your dad we're so far north already that it hasn't gotten all the way dark for a few weeks. It's mostly dark, but the sky never gets black, and the birds get up before my OTW goes to bed, even when she goes to bed early. Well, early for her.

    But she doesn't think she'd be happy to live somewhere where the sun never goes away in the summer. She works better at night. Visiting was ok though.

  2. We will be there to hear the story. See you then.

  3. Having almost just lost two of my own because of the pet food recall contamination issue, I just wanted to extend my heart to Buzzerbee's family both human and feline

  4. I could use a story, too. I am very sad about Buzzy.

  5. we'll be back for the story. we love your stories.

  6. Dolce and Baci, we will come by to sit and remember wif you.

  7. We will try to remember to come.
    Your stories always end with hope <3