Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dolce's Tummy Tuesday

Here is Dolce rolling in the catnip garden my Wife replanted for the cats. The previous one had been overtaken by weeds and had been peed on several times by Magoo, Smudge, and some of the other neighborhood cats. I personally don't want my cats rolling in their own pee let alone another cats.

We are hoping the plants will survive long enough to grow larger. As you can see Dolce has quite the catnip addiction, so we are not holding our breath for the plants to make it past June. I think Dolce wants to add something...

Wanna come roll in the catnip with me?


  1. Whoa, it's Tuesday already!?! Wow, we musta slept rite thru Monday...

  2. That's too cute! Dolce has a wonderful tummy.

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  3. Dolce has a cute tummy. Rolling in catnip sounds like a whole lot of fun. I hope the catnip survives it.

  4. Dolce, what a lovely tummy! And a great photo!

  5. Dolce I'm on my way!!!!!!
    That looks heaven;y and you are looking quite fetching too (blush).
    Did you seee my baby pictures on my birthday posting May 23? -Scout

  6. oh, how adorable! and you've got your very own nip garden? LOVELY!

    hey Baci - have you met Silver over at www.atrinityofcats.blogspot.com? she's new to their household and we think the two of you would make the cutest couple!

  7. You are too cute Dolce. Mom has promised a catnip garden when we move. We will haf to see ~Poiland tribe