Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dolce and Baci's Big Adventure

Dolce: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Baci: Why you dancing around, Dolce?
Dolce: We's going camping!
Baci: What's Camping!
Dolce: You get to go in the Rumbly-Truck and you gets to sleep in the House-That-Has-Wheels.
Baci: That sounds kind of scary.
Dolce: It can be, but I learned last time to ensure safety you have to give Dad instructions on his driving. Like he's going to slow or too fast. Or that you really need to stop at the Garden Centre and check out the catnip plants.
Baci: Is that why Mom put this stupid collar on me? I know its blue to match my eyes, but it binds.
Dolce: You has to wear that if you goes camping. That's what Dad said last year. He said it can keep the bears, coyotes and wolves away. Not to mention the Vishus Deer.
Baci (shudders): Not Vishus Deer!
Dolce: I am not worried.
Baci: Why not?
Dolce: Cause I can run faster than you.
Baci: What does that mean?
Dolce: Ask Dad.

PS. Dad promises to bring back pictures.


  1. ooh - we remember when you went camping last year, and it was furry 'citing! plus this year you get to bring your brother. we'll be lookin' forward ta picshures!!!

  2. oooh that sounds like fun. We can't wait furr the pikchurs

  3. We are going camping too. It will be Precious' maiden voyage. I have gone afore, so has Mittens, but she (Mittens) will stay home and "hold down the fort." Our Daddy bought a new campurr. It fits in the metal monster that he uses to haul things, kind of like a turtle shell.


  4. Camping sounds very very FUN!

  5. Happy Father's Day to yur Dad! How aciting yoo get to go camping. Weeee.