Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Current Guest List

To everyone, I wanted to let you know that Magoo is actually getting excited about his birthday party tomorrow. I have picked up the Stinky Goodness, and all the ingredients for the Catnip Punch. As for activities, We are planning a quick game of Tub Hockey for all who want to play, Pin the Tail on the Mousie, Drape Climbing, and Plant Diving.

The following have indicated that they are attending (If you aren't on the list you can still come, I purchased extra stuff for all the last minute arrivals. If you let me know you are coming, I will add you to the list.):

Angel and Taz
The Meezers
Scooby, Shaggy, and Scout
Max the Psychokitty
Buddah Pest
Finnegan and Buddy
Bonnie and Victor
Turtle, Moose and Nala
Meeko and Kiara
William of Mass Destruction
Patches Lady, Mittens, Mistrie
George, Tipper, and Max
Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie
Knightly, Lizzie and Firenze (We won't tell your mom that you snuck out to the Party while she was in Africa)
Yaffa and Sebastian
Fat Eric
Diva Kitty, Joaquin, Xavier and Carmen
Orlando and Fiona
Princess Mia
Smeagol and Strider
Peter and Lucky

Now with all the wooing and cooing that has been going between some of the guests, I need to lay down some ground rules for the party. No getting wasted on Catnip Punch and picking fights because you think someone else is cutting in on your girl. On the flip side of this, no encouraging of any male bravado or showboating. (This means you, Kukka-Maria).

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. The Party should be starting around 4:00PM and ending probably around Wednesday afternoon.


  1. I don't have to stick to my diet at your party do I? -Shaggy

  2. I can't help it if these inferior males feel they need to showboat--and who am I to discourage it? If they want to make fools of themselves to get my attention, it just makes it more fun for me! eyes will be on the birthday boy only!

    I need to get my party hat out and get a photo!

  3. Hey, can I come? I don't have a bloggie yet, my mama am lazy.

  4. As long as no one tries to put hats on us, we'll be there to share in the festivities. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    George, Tipper & Max

  5. we're new to this whole party thing. how does it work?
    oh, and the cats are Yaffa (mom), Sebastian (kitty)

  6. Hey, I haven't been organised enough to send a photo, but if I get extra food at the party, count me in! I'm starving here on this diet they've got me on.

  7. Silas says he does want to come. He is a little shy but he will bring his toys to share with Eric.

  8. Tub hockey... I'll be watching the players for improvement. I'll know if they haven't been practicing. And I think the cheer-leaders should show us all their cheers.

  9. Looking forward to learning tub hockey. I'm trying to bring balloons, but I get so distracted by the strings and start chewing on them instead. I really can't help myself. I missed the sleepover so this should be fun!

  10. We totally want to come. Let's see there is me, DKM said I had to invite the new kids, Joaquin, Xavier and Carmen. Oh and the fluffies want to come, Orlando and Fiona.

  11. Oh, oh, oh, is it too late...can we still come.....Mittens, me (Patches) even Mistrie said she would come.....oh.....oh.....MOM, I bet we are too late!!!!

  12. I hope we're not too late. We was distracted by the new puppies at our house. Lucky and I are the only ones who will be able to attend because Punkin is anti-social and Sooner just isn't social and Luna, well she just isn't capable of teleportation.

  13. We can't wait. Mom couldn't find any pics of us with she's been working. She keeps saying that she wants to start a blog for us but, we're not holding our breath!! We even let Mom brush us so we look all pretty for the boys!

    Meeko and Kiara

  14. I can't wait to see Oreo, I think he has a crush on me!


    ps Magoo is pretty fine too!!! Mrow!