Friday, March 11, 2011

Watch the Ginger Cat on the Countertop

The rest of this commercial is pretty much crap. But if you watch for the Ginger Cat on the counter top, then you get to see a cat being a cat.

A very distracted Ginger Cat has found something utterly fascinating at the bottom of a coffee cup. It happens at the 0:08 second mark.

It made my day. Dolce and Bella do this all the time.


  1. Yup, a cat being a cat. We do that, not on the counter 'cuz that isn't where the cups are. We just discovered we really like earl gray tea with milk.

  2. Thank you for the kind words.
    We extend our purrs to you for Magoo and his 1 year at the Bridge.
    We miss Mickey, but know he is happy at the Bridge.
    It just takes some getting used to right now.
    Purrs Georgia & Tillie,Tiger
    Treasure and JoyJoy