Monday, March 14, 2011

Dolce's Story Chair - For Liam and Theo

Dad: I read the story of Liam and his beloved companion, Theo, and I was deeply moved. We may not all agree with the reason that Liam and Theo died for, but none one can critize the love that Theo had for his master. This story is for them.

Cirrin hovered over the sleeping body of his new charge; A black and white mottled springer spaniel named Theo who slept peacefully at his master's side. Cirrin wondered why he was in such a foreign place. No one here believed in him or in his True Purpose. He felt the strong grasp on his shoulder and he looked up.

A gray winged angel also hovered nearby. Her charge laid sleeping next to the springer spaniel.

"Why are we here?" Cirrin asked.

"Someone cares about these two and is praying for them." Delphina responded. "Someone asked God to look over these two."

"But this is war." Cirrin said hopelessly. "We can't not protect Man from the hate of Man."

"Remember Cirrin," Delphina replied. "We protect until all else fails. Once they are beyond our protection, we take them home. You were given strength beyond any Seraphim to do this chosen Purpose."

"He is a strong one." Cirrin said softly as he caressed his angelic hand over Theo's head.

"He has saved many Human lives." Delphina stated as she hovered over her own charge, Liam Tasker. "He has helped this one save many others."

The sun began to crest over the horizon. The sunlight was broken into a hazy blaze of yellow and orange from the dust and heat in the air. Both the human and his companion stirred. All around them stirred other humans. Above several of the humans, other grey winged Angels hovered. Their wings were bent protectively over their charges. A forceful human voice called out to Liam and Theo. The Human named Liam rose and eagerly his companion, Theo, bounded to his side.

Liam and Theo had walked many miles together on these foreign roads. Theo's nose twitched and scented the morning air. He reward for finding the silly tools of humans was his favourite toy and a moment of pure fun and joy with his beloved human.

Suddenly Delphina's wings tensed and hardened. The crack of a human weapon echoed in the air. Delphina fell to ground next to her charge. She looked into his eyes as he left his earthly existence. She placed her angelic hand on his heart.

"Liam." Delphina solemnly recited her ancient oath. "I am your Guardian Angel. I am to protect until all Hope fails. Then I am here to take you home."

Cirrin hovered over Theo. The dog laid down next its master. It knew that its beloved friend was no longer with it. Cirrin sensed the grief and pain that the dog was feeling. He tried to help, but was fiercely rebuffed by Theo.

"What do you need from me, Beloved" Cirrin asked as he hovered over the dispondent dog.

"I need to follow my master." Theo whimpered softly without raising his head.

"You can find another to love, Theo." Cirrin tried to comfort his charge.

"No." Theo said softly. "There is no other for me."

"I am here to protect you." Cirrin replied.

"Until all Hope is gone." Theo finished Cirrin pledge for him. "Then you will take me home. I heard your companion's pledge to my beloved master."

Cirrin hovered motionless.

"Cirrin." Theo said softly. "My beloved Master is gone. For me all hope is gone. I want to go home. I want to follow Liam."

"I have only had to do this when death is eminent." Cirrin's eyes began to water.

"Please." Theo asked, softly.

Cirrin placed his hands on Theo's trembling body.

"Theo." Cirrin recited his ancient pact to the trembling dog. "I am your Guardian Angel. I am here to protect you. And when all Hope fails, I am to take you Home."

There was a bright flash of light. Neither saw or felt the the violent seizures that overcame the dog's empty shell. Cirrin and Theo found themselves at the Rainbow Bridge.

"Why am I here?" Theo asked.

"You have been claimed as a Beloved One." Cirrin replied. "The fact that you died after your human causes a bit of a wrinkle, but your Human sealed your fate."

Theo looked up and saw his beloved human appear at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge. Theo looked at Cirrin.

"Thank you friend." Theo sighed as he felt his heart's burden lift. "My life was always his."

"And his was always yours." Cirrin replied sadly as he watched the two friends cross the Rainbow bridge.

Several thousand Guardian Angels hovered around a great heavenly fire. Once every cycle, they gathered and remembered those who they could not protect. Delphina and Cirrin hovered next to each other. Delphina placed her hand on Cirrin's shoulder and then she descended to edge of the great fiery urn. She pulled one of her angelic feathers from her wing. She placed a kiss on this feather and then she tossed it into the fire.

"For Liam." Delphina wept. "He was a great and noble creature. I will not forget him."

Cirrin realized the meaning of the ceremony. The Guardian Angels were mourning their failures to protect. By saying they would never forget, they were placing the name of their charges into immortality for a creature of God lasts for all eternity. Cirrin noticed that the feather that Delphina removed did not automatically grow back. This was the price. For every human that they thought they had failed, each Guardian Angel gave one of their feathers. Once those feathers were gone, they would be stripped of their True Purpose.

Cirrin floated down to the edge of the great fiery urn. He looked at all the faces of the other Guardian Angels. He pulled one of his feathers from his right wing and cast it into the fiery urn.

"For Theo." Cirrin wept as he cast his feather into the flame. "He was a great and noble creature. I will not forget him."


  1. What a beautiful story for Liam and Theo.

  2. We all had leaky eyes from the beautiful story!! Thank you for the video and the story!!
    (((((((HUGGGGGSSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,

  3. such a beautiful story, we are all leaky eyed!

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