Friday, March 04, 2011

Today Is Magoo's First Birthday at the Bridge

Enjoying some sun

Today would have been Magoo's 15th purrthday. But he is at the Bridge instead of being here with us to celebrate. It has been almost eleven months since he suddenly left us.

As anyone who has lost a beloved pet, friend and companion, it is always the firsts after their passing that are the hardest; The First Christmas, the First Birthday, The First Anniversary of their passing.

You have a party with your furriends at the Bridge, Magoo. Run and play and wrestle to your heart's content.

We miss you.

Pee Ess: In a glimmer of hope, I came across the new comic for everyone's favourite youtube cat - Simon's Cat. Go have a good laugh, Magoo would have liked that. Thanks to Jasper McKitten Cat for the link.


  1. Even though you are missing Magoo on this special day, we know he is celebrating at the Bridge. We send you comforting purrs and headbutts...

  2. We hear the purrthday parties at the Bridge are SUPER! Happy Purthday Magoo, hope Punkin found yoo and is celebratin' wif yoo.

  3. Purrs to you and yours. We believe that Magoo is probably checking in on you right now.

  4. Yes, all the firsts are the hardest. And still we miss them. Purrs and tail wags to you all.

  5. The firsts are hard...and it does get easier, but the longing never stops. Sending hugs and purrs

  6. We are thinking of you on this sad anniversary.

  7. Sending mournfulll purrrrayers and gentle headbuttss to you all.

  8. It is really hard to be away from your pet... I remember when one of my rabbits get out from the rabbit hutch. I though I will never find it again. Thank God my rabbit was safe back.

  9. Hope everything is well now.
    And I can relate the sadness when we missed some important part of m\our life.

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