Friday, January 09, 2009

A vivid dream

In the comments of our last post, Grr, Midnight and Cocoa made a very special request. It was not special in what it asked but in the way it asked it.

During the Christmas Holiday, I was working and at the same time trying to progress the story of one of my favorite characters, Jingles. One night I had a dream. Now I am a believer in what some people call Vivid Dreaming. A dream so real and true that you feel you have lived it. I have experienced this several times. Some have been terrible, some have broken my heart.I have always woken to realize that it is up to me to either realize the dream I experienced or to do whatever I could to change the outcome.

I have been married for thirteen wonderful years, so yes, I can change the outcome of one of my vivid dreams.

I had another one during my Christmas holiday that I do not not want to see realized. I dreamt that I came across a book about "Jingles, The Christmas Cat". I saw the details on Amazon and I could see the cover as plain as day. It broke my heart to see something that I thought I had created claimed by someone else.

That was the dream. The reality was that I knew that I wanted to do something more with the stories I told on Dolce's Story Chair. Please dear readers, I want you to understand; I will finish the current story. But it will be longer than any other story for my dream showed me that maybe it has a life beyond these simple electronic pages.


  1. oh a Jingles book would be absolutely wonderful

  2. please post somewhere when you publish!!!

    I still think the story about Ceasar was the best one!

    thanks for sharing your stories!