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Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and the Furry Helpers (pt 4)

Jingles and the Furry Helpers
Part 4: One Last Gift

Jingles and Santa made their yearly trip around the world. Now that Jingles was no longer hanging out the back of the sleigh or trying to time his jumps through Santa’s fireplace portals, the trip went quicker for both Jingles and Santa. It went so well that Santa let Jingles have several extra minutes with his brother and sister at one house and his mother at another.

“I am so proud of you, Jingles” Amaretti purred as she and Jingles rubbed cheeks.
“I miss you so much.” Jingles purred as he flopped over to let his mother groom and lick his forehead.
“You are far more than any of us could ever hope to be.” Amaretti said. “You bring joy to everyone you touch.”
“There is something else…”Jingles tried to explain to his Mom about the scroll.
“Of course there will be pain and sorrow along with the joy.” Amaretti purred knowingly. “You may be my son, but you now understand how I feel. I bring you, My joy, into the world, knowing that there is pain and sorrow waiting out there for you.”
“Santa says that it becomes easier to bear.” Jingles replied.
“Depends.” Amaretti replied. “I never found it easier. But then I never knew what became of any of my kittens. I know some found their way to the Bridge far too soon. But other than the word you bring of Ruffles and Monkey, I do not know what happen to any of my other offspring.”
“I can find out…” Jingles offered to help.
“No, Jingles.” Amaretti gave Jingles a firm but loving headbutt. “My children have been set upon their Path,just as you have found your own miraculously chosen task. Live your life, Jingles. Live it with every essence of your being. That is how you honor me and the rest of your family.”
“I will.”Jingles bowed his head.
“Jingles.” Amaretti said proudly. “I am so proud of what you have become. I mourned for my little lost kitten, but I see that he has returned as a big brave cat.”
“Thank you, Mom.” Jingle said as a tears pooled in his eyes.
“Jingles. There is one more thing.”Amaretti added as she placed her paw on Jingles’ paw. “I do not want you to mourn when and if you see my name on your scroll. I can sense that you will outlive all of us. You must find the strength to go on and remember that we are always with you.”
“I am always here Jingles.’ Amaretti placed her paw on Jingles chest, next to his heart.”Never forget that.”
Suddenly the magic that surrounded him and Santa revealed a terrible secret to Jingles. In his heart, he knew that this was the last time he was going to ever see his mother again. He did not need the scroll to tell him that.
“I love you, Mom.” Jingles said softly.
“I love you, Jingles.” Amaretti replied with a gentle head rub. “Now go and fulfill your destiny. “
Jingles moved slowly to Santa’s portal through the fireplace. He took one last look at his mother as she sat next to the silent and quiet Christmas Tree. He nodded once to Amaretti and then he disappeared through the portal with Santa.

As they cruised far above North America. Santa looked down at his newest helper. Jingles was no longer prowling back and forth on the seat of the sleigh in anticipation of their next stop.
“Jingles.” Santa asked. “Are you okay?’
“Yes, Santa.” Jingles replied. “My mother just gave me the best gift ever.”
“And what was that?” Santa asked.
“Her love, Santa.” Jingles said sadly.” Her love.”

The sleigh was making a high gee turn above a large city. The sleigh was finally empty and Santa and Jingles sat exhausted on the padded red seats. The reindeer sensed that their yearly mission was over and they began their high speed parabolic flight path back to the North pole.

Jingles felt a stone growing in his stomach. It screamed that he had forgotten something back on Earth. He looked into his bag. There was nothing there, so he had not missed delivering one of his gifts. The pain grew and grew within his tiny body.
“Santa!” Jingles cried out. “There is something wrong. We have missed someone! But there is nothing in my toysack.”
“Jingles.” Santa cried out as he quickly checked his toy bag. “Mine is empty as well. Are you sure.?”
“Santa.” Jingles cried out in pain. “It hurts!”
“Dancer! Dasher!” Santa called out, “Emergency decent! Follow Jingles’ beacon!”
Santa’s sled dropped from the sky as Santa gave control of the sled to Jingles. Whatever was causing his pain guided the sleigh to it’s final position. It crashed through a heavy cloud covering and raced along a strong storm front. The temperature in the sleigh dropped several degrees as ice and frost formed on the sleigh’s runners and hand rails. The reindeer began to strain as the extra earthly weight became too much for them to bear.
“Land” Jingles stated, his voice strained with pain.”We must land now.”
“To the roof, To the Peak.” Santa cried out as he snapped the reins.”Dasher and Dancer, Now must we seek!”
The two lead reindeer snapped the sleigh in a rapid descent. From Jingles’ cry, they now had their landing vector. The sleigh plummeted rapidly. Soon an industrial building came into view and the reindeer aimed the sleigh not to land on the roof as is their custom, but on the snow covered street. Normally Santa forbade any street level landing as it would give evidence to anyone who might believe without faith. The sleigh skidded to a stop in front of a plain brick-faced building. Santa could tell that their arrival was not to deliver any presents for their was no signature of a fireplace or of a Christmas Tree to be seen. He looked over the fa├žade of the building and saw the unlit letters: “Edmonton Humane Society”. He looked down at Jingles.
“We are here for you, Jingles.” Santa said. “Shall we see what awaits for us?”
“I don’t know.” Jingles was nervous. “Now that we are here, the pain has lessened, but I think there is something here for both of us.”
“Standfast.” Santa called to the reindeer pawing anxiously at the snow. “We will be here but a moment.”
“This way, Santa.” Jingles took off across the thick covering of snow.
Santa followed quickly after Jingles. He had not seen this happen in all in his centuries as Santa.

Jingles lead Santa through the thick blanket of snow. He avoided the obvious front door of the building and ran straight to hidden alcove of the building. Jingles meowed angrily and growled as he ran. Santa followed quickly behind.

There, in the protective leeward side of a weathered brick wall , sat a cardboard box that was quickly being buried by drifting snow. Jingles raced up to the box and began pawing and scratching at the sides. From within the box, a small plaintive cry leaked out.
“Santa!” Jingles cried out.”This is why we are here. You have to help me!”
“Jingles!” Santa replied as he picked up the cardboard box and headed back to the sleigh. “I have it, we must get back to the sleigh.”
Jingles fell in behind Santa and used his foot falls to move through the thick snow.

To be continued...


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  3. More to be continued......

    ::sigh:: I hope Jingles saved that little kitten or two in the box. He was a brave cat to find them.

  4. Ohhhhh, we were abandoned in a cardboard box in the parking lot of the vet's office when we were only a few hours old. We bet it's abandoned kittens, like us. We can't wait to find out!
    Rascal & Riley

    Thank you so very much for continuing this story! We really love it. Whenever you have anything published, the Lady promises to buy your books for us (and for herself). Purrs & love from all of us,

    pee ess: you made the Lady leak from the eyes again (the part about Jingles' mom). I love the way you always manage to make her leak. ha!

  5. just checking back to see if there's another chapter.

    thanks for the catnip cookies for the nap pile at our place.