Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and the Furry Helpers (pt 5A)

Jingles and the Furry Helpers
Part 5A: A Hectic Ride home

“On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer and Vixen!” Santa called out to his magical reindeer. “On Comet, On Cupid, On Donner and Blitzen!”

Santa’s reindeer strained against the sleigh. There was a most unChristmas-like screech of steel runner on snow-clad asphalt. Slowly, the sleigh picked up speed. Soon it jumped free of the snow lined street and rose into the Christmas Eve sky. The faint redness of the eastern sky warned that Christmas Eve was soon to be replaced with Christmas Day. The sleigh arced high and fast and made a straight and true run for the North Pole. Everyone on the sleigh, from Santa and Jingles to the reindeer, knew that to be caught by the sunlight on Christmas Day would extinguish Santa’s magic forever.
As they raced further northwards, the rising sun grew dimmer and dimmer. Santa gave a small sigh of relief as the fear of being caught by the Christmas Day sun was quickly fading.
“Santa.” Jingles was busy sniffing and checking out the box they had found by the silent humane shelter. “There is a tag here on the box. It’s addressed to both of us.”
“Let me see that.” Santa looked at the cardboard box he had retrieved from the humane shelter.
“To Santa and Jingles.” Santa read the silver and gold inscripted tag. “From Antonius, Dulcinea and Elbereth.”
“Who are they?” Jingles asked as he found his perch looking over Santa’s shoulder.
“Elbereth is the Angel who brought you the scroll.” Santa replied, “I think Dulcinea is the Angel who built the Rainbow Bridge. I do not know who Antonius is. He must be an Angel as well.”
“He brought me to my mom.” Jingles said softly. “He is the Angel that brings all kittens to earth.”
Santa looked at Jingles.
“Shall we open it?” Santa asked.
“I don’t think three important Angels would give us a gift if they did not want us to open it immediately.” Jingles said as he canted his head and regarded the cardboard box.
“Well then, we open it. Now.”Santa said as he pulled the cardboard box open.

There, looking back up at Santa and Jingles, were three kitten faces, one solid black, one a deep orange ginger with a bold emblazoned white stripe on his forehead, and a white-mitted brown and black tabby.

To Be Continued...

Dad: Now, dear furriends, I want to give you all the chance to help out a poor, unimaginative story-teller. I need three names for the kittens that Santa and Jingle found in the cardboard box. They need to be names that you think a cat located at the North Pole would have. Do you think you can help?


  1. OOOOH, HOW EXCITING! This is very important, so we just can't throw any ol' suggestions out there. We're going to get our furry heads working on it right now!

  2. Okay...we're having trouble with this. The first names that came to mind when we thought "Christmas" were Joy, Holly & Noel, but we bet we can come up with more. We're gonna think more about their colorings too. Hmmm...think, think, think...

  3. Dolce's Dad, please do not consider yourself unimaginative! I and mum are amazed, she could never thing this stuff up and put it down on paper.

    Now some names, Snowflake, Artic and Blizzard!

    Or Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh? I knows I am not spelling these last two correctly, at least I don't think so!

  4. Oh, Derby came up wif some good names...we is gonna think about dis too as we do not haf a good imagination.

  5. I am no good at names... perhaps Gemini, Libra and Aquarius?! :)

    From Gemini

  6. oh, wait! I have decided! I think the ginger is Gold, the tabby is Frankinsence, and the black kitten is just slips off the tongue like dark chocolate!


  7. You have some very good suggestions already. I don't think I could do any better. I just got caught up with the story and I am really enjoying it.