Friday, January 25, 2008


I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and watched some TV in the living room so that my wife would not be disturbed. There was some crappy movie on as well as the usual late night junk. The only entertainment I saw was some previously unwitnessed Dolce/Baci antics. From about 11:45pm to 1:30am, they ran and chased each other over and around the sofa. Magoo and Bella were sound asleep. Why? Because they are good cats.

I watched Baci run and tumble over the loveseat. He was very excited about something. I get nervous when he starts getting too excited. I don't know if it is the Meezer in him or what, but if he gets really excited, he pees a little. Not a lot. Nothing like what I accidently stepped in on Tuesday morning. So I had to check to see what he was so enthralled with...

And so there will be a new feature on this blog...

Baci's Twist Tie Confiscations

It seems that every box that comes into our house has at least one item that is bound up with a twist tie. Some are fairly thick and probably could be used to support a low hanging muffler or a solid bronze windchime. Others are pretty fine. These basically have a lifespan of minutes from the moment the box is opened.

Baci does not care if they are thick or thin. He loves them all. He is just like Smudge in that regard. You could spend fifty dollars on a cat toy, and they would both rather play with the twist tie that held the plastic wrapping closed. My wife and I try to be very careful with the twist ties. We try to ensure that they are left with the plastic wrap to be tossed out with the box and the extra set of Spanish/French/German instructions.

Somehow Baci always finds them. Everytime I see him with one, I confiscate it because I am paranoid that he will chew off a part which will result in a very expensive trip to Dr. Nick. It seemed that I was taking at least one day away from him.

Yesterday, between the time I got home from work to when I finally went to bed, I must have confiscated five twist ties from Baci. It could have very well been the same twist tie. He is very good at finding them. So I give you Baci's Twist Tie stats for this week...

Twist Ties Confiscated - This Week 5, Year to Date 5


  1. Ah a good Meezer. He'll find more!

  2. well, we don't pee when we get 'acited, but we are very good at finding things that mommy con-fa-skates from us. she gets "zasperated"

  3. I like little crickly wrappers. Sometimes they come from mum's pocket. she eats a candy at work but not a home.

  4. Twist ties!! I love them too!!Maybe not to the extent Baci does though :)
    Purrs Mickey

  5. i like anyfing i can bat arounds! baci, wood yu like sum of my toys since they keep takin yurs frum yu?


    we gots sumfin fer yur famly at ars blog. pleese come see.

    yuki & kimiko & kintaro

  6. The twist tie thing? That is a wonderful thing! I woves that too!

  7. He must have a secret stash somewhere in the house!

  8. Buddah is a twist tie freak, too. The Woman lets him have the big ones, after she ties the ends together so that it looks like a twisty ring. He'll bat one of those things around all afternoon, or until he loses it. I think there are 3,245 twist ties under the stove...

  9. ooooh Baci - me too, me too! i luvs them things, but one time i gotted one stuck goin' down my throat an the peepull hadta pull it owt an now the Lady skreems if she sees me wif one. bummer.

  10. Baci sounds like Huggy Bear. He loves twist ties. It's like he can smell them. And he runs with them in his mouth like he has a mouse or something. But mom and dad always take them away because they don't want to have to take him to the V-E-T.

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  11. Our big collector was Silas. After I found a milk top plastic tie thing missing the end, I realized I had to be careful not to leave them out. Silas was a collector of all things small and wonderful. Bottle caps were kept under rugs, as well as pencils. Everything else was carefully arranged upstairs and real favorites were put away in his munchie bowl.
    With H and R, I am careful to hide anything fuzzy. The Meezer in them loves woolish stuff, so when a toy is getting chomped on, it goes.