Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A new year begins

First, Dolce wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful comments about this year's Christmas Story. Once is an event, twice is a tradition? If that is the case I will have to start thinking now about next year's story. I do have a question for all the furriends who read and left comments. Is it too drawn out? Is it too long? Should it start earlier so that it is done on or before the 23rd of December?

So what happened during Christmas in our household? Dolce and Bella climbed the tree everyday so the only ornaments that got placed where six ribbons. Baci sat and watched them. I am hoping he wasn't taking notes for next year. One cat in the tree is cute, two cats in the tree is annoying, three cats in the tree is downright destructive. Jingles left catnip mice for all the cats. Magoo promptly peed on two of them. So guess who is back on the naughty list.

Magoo went for a check up and had some more of his bloods stolen. The tests all came back within the norms for a cat of his age (he turns twelve years old this year). We have to give him Tramadol in his ears as a transdermal application because he hates the taste and has a huge hissing fit whenever we tried to medicate him. Life for Magoo is definitely slowing down. He loves to go outside and sit on his deck and keep watch over his backyard.

On the human side, I gave all of my family a copy of the We Are The Kitties. My Mom told me that she cried when she read the stories. She also said that my Grandma would have loved them too. My Grandma was fanatical about her cats. I realized now that I am older that she had a overrun feral colony living on the farm. Because it was on the farm, no one seemed to notice the number of cats. With hindsight I can see that it was not ideal, but on otherhand, there was never a mouse to be seen and I got to play with kittens every summer that I can remember. There are still a few cats running around, but it is not the same as it was when I was a child. Farm cats and little children. They go together like ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I have been lax in posting pictures. I have more of the furrkids and one or two of Smudge. I even managed to get a movie of Baci fetching his catnip mouse. My resolution this year is too post at least once a week with a target of three times.

May the new year find you heathly and happy.


  1. MrMagoo'sDad, we thought the story was PURRFECT!! We loved coming back to read the next part. we hope you have more story chairs this year.

  2. Happy New Year to you too! We liked this story chair a lot!

    I am glad that Magoo's tests came back okay!

  3. We love the story chair. We also look forward to more stories. You make us think we are right in the middle of it.

    We can't wait to hear from you more.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  4. Happy New Year to all of you!
    Glad Magoo is doing well and is still his crusty old self regarding peeing on the mice!! and glad to hear Dolce & Bella were up to their tricks at Christmas!! That is totally strange Baci did not climb, unless Dolce told him it was the "girls only" tree!
    My Grandparents had "barn cats" on their farm. I never knew how many there were. Gramma put out table scraps soaked in milk every evening for them. Occasionally on our once yearly thanksgiving visit I would spy one but they always ran and I was very disappointed. -SSS's mom
    ::Hi Dolce:: -Scout

  5. The Woman says it should be longer, and I think she's right. We enjoyed it a lot and wished there had been more.

    She also thinks you should keep writing these stories, and compile them for a book. Her Mom read the WATK book and you made her cry...that was pretty cool, I think!

  6. We second Max's suggestion: Once you have enough of them, collect these stories into a book.

    We think the story length is fine. We usually wait until the entire story is available before starting to read it, but that is just our preference. We can't visit every day, so things work out that way regardless.

  7. Happy New Year ... Maggie's the only one who tries to climb the tree, but I think that's only because we realize we're all too big for it but her.

  8. We loved the story the way it was, but if it were longer there would just be more to love. We certainly DON'T think it should be shorter.
    Thanks for reminding us that we don't have the latest book yet. Dunno how the Lady forgot to order that one. She's gonna do it today.

  9. We say the story is just purrfect!