Thursday, November 29, 2007

What do you see?

I know from reading all of Magoo, Smudge, Bella, Dolce and Baci's furriends blogs that many of us have found our beloved companions at different stages of their lives. Some were adopted as wee kittens (Magoo, Smudge, Bella and Dolce), some as older kittens (Baci), and some as adult cats (Grandma's furriend, Chloe). So I ask you...when you look at your furriend what do you see...

When my dear wife and I look at Magoo, we do not see the 13 pound tank of attitude and fluff; we only see the ten week old fluffy kitten who captured our hearts in a pet store eleven and half years ago.No matter how big or how grumpy he gets, he still is our first little furbaby. When we look into his eyes that is the cat we see.

Bella is a quandary wrapped in a riddle. There are times when she is the large fluffy cat we have now and there are times when she is the self-confident little kitten who stood up to Magoo the first time she met him. I think it is her big round eyes, so kittenish, and yet so full of wisdom and grace.

Dolce is still the kitten. She still has that small impish face that we fell in love with. I look at her and I do not see the two year old cat; I only see that tiny little fluffball that came into our house and demanded that we love her completely.

Baci is a hard one to describe. We got him as an older kitten (5 months), but the reason we got him was that his "look" entranced us. It still does to this day. He has what I call the snorglicious factor. Whenever we see him we just want to pick him up and bury our faces in his fluffy fur. He protests feebly and always rewards us with his rumbly little purr.

As for my beloved Smudge, who has now chosen his Grandma as his favourite person; I see him as the beautiful, sleek furred cat he is now versus the tiny short-haired sickly cat we rescue from that horrible pet store. He is the eptimomy of trust; the more he trusts you the more gorgeous he becomes.


What do you see? The Cat or the Kittten?


  1. One of the reasons I believe I was so drawn to Abby was the fact that she is so small she is like having a kitten. She was nearly 6 when I adopted her so she was a full grown mature cat. But her size and attitude make her seem like a kitten to me. She is such a loyal little angel to me.

    Abby's Mom Debra

  2. Momma still sees me as a tiny kitten--part of it is my big round eyes and perpetually startled look.

    With Georgia, she always sees the very active cat with catitude who ran the apartment complex grounds where we used to live!


  3. Mommy still see's Sammy as the scairt wee little kitten she found in the garden, staring at her wif crossed eyes begging to be loved. She says she sometimes sees me as an older kitten, because I was very mean to her when she gotted me - I didn't want to leave the home I was borned in, so I was not nice to her for a few days. But mostly she sees me as I am now - 'cause I love her so much and always want to kissie on her. - Miles

  4. Scooby & Shaggy were 3 when they came to me. Shaggy was a dear from the start but Scooby was frightened and did a lot of hissing and growling when he wasn;t hiding out from us in the basement. It took him two weeks but we gave him all the time he needed. They are such loves now.
    Scout you know came to us at 6 weeks.I saw his newborn picture and held him when he was 2 weeks old in the palm of my hand. (he came from my friend) I still see that & remember and all his kitten antics. I've always had older cats and never a kitten so that was an experience for me.

  5. i see my dear Edsel as he is today. my best friend and confidant. as a kitten, he was skittish, but now he's grown into himself and commands respect and adoration.

  6. We see both with ours. Everyone here was a kitten when they came, except for Parker. And she was an unwed teen Mom. As they mature we have the best of both worlds. In thier eyes we see the kittens, in our hearts we see our best friends.

  7. Kittens. most certainly.

    We love your November 11 entry.
    Thanks for sharing that with us.

  8. I still see Cocoa as my cuddly little fluffball baby kitten. Midnight has changed from the shy little kitten who would hide her head under my chin to the confident, dignified, regal Queen of the House that she is (no matter what Grr thinks). I see Grr as a mix between kitten and cat - a scared bully who really just wants to be loved, but isn't sure how. Rascal and Riley are only 3 months old, but I look at them and expect to see the one day old babies we found in a box in a parking lot. I'm constantly startled by how big they've gotten.