Friday, November 23, 2007

Which leg is it?

I have a question for my cat-blogging furriends...

Do You Suffer From Sudden Hollow Leg Syndrome?

Dad says he feeds me plenty and that my food bowls always have some munchies. He says that I must have a hollow leg or something, because I always seem to be hungry. Now I have checked all of my legs and not one of them seems to be hollow. I even had Dolce check them out. She bit each one. I can tell you that they did not feel hollow at all. I think she took far too much pleasure in the test.

So I think that there is an new disease out there; Sudden Hollow Leg Syndrome. It strikes without warning causing perfectly happy and content cats and kittens to cry out in despair for a small piece of chicken (sorry, I'm drooling on the keyboard) or a smidgen of roast beef or a sliver of tuna. (Sorry more drool.)

If you suffer from this terrible affliction, please let me know. We can stand together and end our suffering (probably with some chick-hen or turkey or turducken or salmon or tuna or raost beefs.)

Your Furriend,

Baci the Bottomless Pit


  1. I have a similar syndrome called chronic hollow leg syndrome. No matter how much I eat, I always want more.

  2. Baci, I too suffer from this afflikshun. So far 3 meezers haf this. this is weird. - Miles

  3. Hmmm we don't seem to suffer wiv this. Mum even sez we're too picky cuz we keep leaving our foods. Course it couldn't be anyfing to do wiv all the mice we eat.....could it?

  4. Yup,I knows kitties like that.Mom never understands how they still want to eat AFTER they just ate,heehee
    For the right food,I can be that way too :)


  5. Baci,

    It is like humans with sweets. They can always find room for desert, even after a big meal. Mum can do that all the time.

    So we kitties, being meat eaters, can always find room for a few bites of meat!.

  6. But I thought this was normal?
    Aren't beans put on this earth to fill and wefill our food bowls again and again and again ad infinitum?

  7. This sounds furry familiar! Jasmine keeps asking me how someone so small can fit in so much food and still want more (and more and more...)

  8. Shaggy & I have it Baci!!! We will sit by the pantry begging for just a taste of a tiny bit more or a big heaping plate full, but the woman rarely gives in. Even the sad eyes don't work like they used to.

  9. My brother, Tommy suffers from the Hollow Leg Syndrome. He can eat and eat and eat and eat. We are both on a diet because he weighs 20 pounds!

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