Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Christmas Tree is up...for now...

Last weekend, my wife and I got our Christmas tree setup for the season. Of course it is minus any ornaments at this time. We do this every year in hopes that the cats will get bored of the brightly lit tree after a week and then we can start putting all of the ornaments and ribbon on it.

Last year, Dolce and Bella took turns going for rides in the tree. (My wife purchased a tree that rotates.) Dolce thought that this was the greatest thing ever. She sat on one of the branches and enjoyed the ride. Well, she has climbed the tree several times this week and has found a comfortable spot on one of the branches. I saw her looking out at me. She had this look that seemed to say... Turn on the Tree, Dad. Turn it on. Make it spin like last year. Turn on the tree, Dad.

We have been closely watching Baci to see what his level of fascination will be with the tree. Right now, he only seems interested in it when Bella or Dolce are in the tree or if Dolce is playing with one of her mouses underneath the treeskirt. Hopefully, he remains this oblivious once the ribbon and ornaments go on. Magoo might be fascinated by the ornaments and ribbon, but he is too old and too husky to do any real investigation or damage.

Baci, on the otherhand, is a little Furricane just waiting to make landfall. Once that happens, all of our stuff will end up strewn about the living room and the tree will be unceremoniously uprooted. I wonder if the Canadian Red Cross would cover the damage from Furricane Baci.


  1. Furricane Sammy hit last year and now we can't haf a tree this year. - Miles

  2. Furricane Baci would be really cute to watch, if not for the destruction. We won't be having a tree at all. Those kittens are still in flying mode and want to put the Big Bitey on anything and everything.

  3. Oh man...I totally want a tree that spins. I usually leave the tree alone, but for that, I'd climb it!

  4. We do not climb the tree too much. We like the ornaments at the bottom though. Momma puts some special ones for us to play with on the bottom so we don't bother the fancy ones up higher.


  5. Not about the post. I didn't see an email address in your profile but I wanted to thank you for including your "Angels at the Rainbow Bridge" stories in the new "We Are The Kitties" 2. The stories are touching and comforting; especially to those of us who have lost a dear furriend.

    Dee Francis

  6. Dolce, come on over & play with our tree. Low ornaments to bat plus the way it is situated in the corner, it makes a really cool kitty cave underneath! -Scout

  7. My beans thought I'd terrorize the tree, so I fooled them - and left it alone. Except for an ornament or two near the bottom. Two years ago, they weren't sure what to expect of Victor. He was... cautious. Last year, he helped set it up. I have high hopes that THIS year, he'll climb it, disaster will follow, and they'll... oh, give him a time out.

    Dolce, WHAT can we do to get Attack of the Tabbies more active again? I was the last to post, and that was April! I'm ashamed.

  8. we don't even get a tree. the cheesy little fiber optic one my Mom puts up doesn't count. we used to have wicker reindeer, but they took those away too. Have fun!