Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's Up Wednesday

It has been a little hectic in the House the last two weeks. Work has me travelling and the wife was cleared for surgery so she has been running around the house getting everything cleaned and organized so that things don't pile up while she is recuperating. But that is enough about the underlings/ the paid help of the House.

Everycat in the House is doing well. Magoo is getting grumpier and grumpier about not being outside every moment of the day now that the snow is gone. A couple of neighborhood cats have been coming by and leaving their calling cards. This is really aggravating Magoo. We have caught him peeing where he shouldn't.

Bella is doing a lot better now that Dolce is distracted by her new brother Baci. Bella doesn't seem a stressed as she was before. She is back to sitting on my wife's lap and helping her with her makeup. She comes and says Good Morning and Good Night everyday. The number of mats in her fur have gone down drastically. I guess she does have to worry about being cannonballed by Dolce when she wasn't looking.

Dolce is being Dolce. Everything happens at 100 mph. She is has started to cuddle again and even fell asleep on my lap while the Wife and I watched movies on the weekend. She hasn't done that in months. I think it really ahs to do with having a willing and able playmate in Baci. Although Baci loves bedtime, his ears perk up when he hears Dolce calling to him. They are a very sweet twosome. I'm not calling them a couple, because I think Dolce still has a thing for Scout.

As for Baci...Well I could write a couple of pages of what a little Mancat he is becoming. His paws are huge. They are rapidly approaching Magoo's in size. In a word, he is "Snorglelicious". He loves to be picked up and cuddled. He follows you around and cries until you pet him or scoop him up from the floor. Then you get to hear his deep rumbling purr. He has tried to make friends with Magoo, but his older brother can't be bothered to train another sibling. Bella doesn't want much to do with him either, which is okay because Dolce loves him. Baci loves her right back.

In less than a week, Baci will be turning 8 months old. He is firmly caught between the goofy kitten months and the transition into a young adult cat. He is now of a size where he can reach things on tables without a lot of awkwardness or clumsiness. It is amazing to see what becomes a cat's first obsession when they suddenly realize that they can get things down that they want. For Bella and Smudge, it was Q-tips; for Dolce, it was fishing socks out of the hampers; for Magoo, well he didn't seem to care about any of that sort of thing; and for Baci, it is change that I have left on my nightstand. He gets this determined little scowl on his face and he reaches up and slowly pulls the coins off the table. He is happiest when they hit the floor and roll into the heat register. There is way more noise that way. Let me tell you, it scares the crap out of you when he does it at 3:00 AM.

It's a short spell until I am home again with my Wife and the Cats. As silly as it sounds, I am counting the sleeps.


  1. Isn't it lovely to be home with the 'kids'?

  2. I hope you still have a thing for me Dolce, because I still have a thing for you! -Scout

  3. Glad to hear everything's just about right.

  4. I agree that Dolce live wire types need a buddy who loves them. Fergus was a wild character and he would have been lost without his devoted bud, Silas. And now Harper and Ramona are the happy cats they are because they have each other.
    We are just back from a long work trip and all three cats slept on the bed with us. The animal family reunited. It is a good thing.

  5. wow, it's amazing what bringing a little brofurr home for Dolce has done! we is glad that Bella is returning to normal and not so stressed anymore. Baci, you is just what the family needed. And you is a cutie too. Oh, and rolling change around is the most fun fing efurr. there is change all ofurr our house that mommy has not efenn finded yet.

  6. While youngsters can bring life into older cats, another youngster to really roughhouse around is the most fun!

  7. Q-tips are the best to play with, but Maggie does like her coins, too. I remember when I was a kitten I found a box of tissues and brought them from the upstairs bedroom down to Mom and Dad downstairs until the box was empty. It's so funny to see the things we fixate on.

  8. That doesn't sound silly at all!