Monday, April 09, 2007

Mancat Mondays

I present to you one of the few pictures of the Endangered Canadian Snow Leopard in its natural habitat:

It's hard to be believe that our little Mancat-In-Training has been with us for four whole months now. He is getting bigger and bigger.

Back in February.

Now in April.

I have to turn to my blogging friends to prevent a travesty of justice; a unwholesome twisting of the truth; an invasion of feline privacy. Dad says he has pictures of my snuggling with Baci and he's going to post them as part of Wordless Wednesday. I told him he can't. What will Scout say when he sees them? I have a reputation to maintain. Just remember Dad: if that finger hits the publish button, a house plant will have to die.


  1. Baci is gorgeous. I bet he looked like the twins when he was little! Now I know how they will look when they are older.

    CalicoMom Toni

  2. Wow, look at Baci's tail!

    Dolce, you could pretend there was a cat double in your place. Or that somebody was playing with Photoshop. Or, you could just take out a house plant. (Maybe you should do that anyway, just for fun!)

  3. Take it from me, it's okay to snuggle wif yoor brofur. It's also okay to play wif dem, hiss at dem, beat dem up and take der toys. Just don't let da beans know dat yoor da one dat made dem cry like a baby cuz den dey tell yoo yoor a big meanie and make yoo gif da toy back.~Sadie

  4. Wow, that first picture is certainly one of the most manly Man Cat pictures I've ever seen!

    And Baci... what an adorable fuzzball! He's obviously grown quite a bit, but he's got a long way to go before he's as manly as his big brofur!

    BTW, Baci, Jasmine says not to worry about the whole Man Cat thing. She's sure no one will mind if you stay sweet and adorable and unmanly furrever!

  5. I must be a snow leopard too!


  6. That is quite a big man cat kit! You've gotten big Baci!

  7. Dolce, it's ok to snuggle wif Baci - Scout will fink you is efenn more cuddlier than you is now!

  8. The "Canadian Snow Leopard" is gorgeous - and very manly.

    Dolce, we just saw the sweet pictures of you and Baci - didja kill a plant? didja?

  9. Magoo, you look magnificent out in the snow!!!!!!!
    Baci, what a lot of growing you have done!