Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What to do, What to do.

There is meme out there for the 5 Reasons You Blog. Since no one sent it to me directly,(sigh!), I guess I will fill it out anyways.

1. A place to put all the stupid stories I would tell my wife about what the cats had done that day. (I do voices too.)

2. A chance to exercise my writing skills. (Believe it or not, I have thought about becoming a writer. Once I win a million dollars, and find a cure for cancer...)

3. Being able to interact with the other voices of reason and civility in the noise of the web. Politics sounds so lame when voiced through a cat. Seriously, would you elect anyone who would drop to the floor in the middle of a press conference and start licking themselves. Or if they saw a Bill they didn't like, they would just pee on it.

4. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

5. A virtual shoulder to cry on when times are tough and the absolute worst is a reality.

Now for an update of the household:
  • It's supposed to be spring. I promised Baci this. Now we have another three inches of fricking snow. Dammit, Al Gore, You promised me Global Warming! or is it Global Cooling?Whoa. Deja Vu all over again.
  • Smudge had a V-E-T visit today. He has gained a whole 0.5 of a pound. Dr. Nick says that he is extremely happy with Smudge's physical condition. There is a small sidebar. Like kidney disease in humans (I have an Aunt with kidney failure and on dialysis.), there is the risk of high blood pressure issues. Smudge is at the top of the acceptable range for a Cat, so Dr. Nick wants to start him on some meds to manage this.
  • Smudge has decided that this house is not his home anymore. I brought him home to see Magoo, Bella and Dolce since Grandma was at work. Smudge knew where the water dish was and the litter boxes. But he hissed at both Bella and Dolce. Dr. Nick asked me about the new arrangements and I told him that Smudge associates me with these V-E-T visits. Dr. Nick said that we have to be careful not to just manage his disease and become caregivers only to Smudge. We have to be congnizant of the social relationship as well. That is my role now, I will bear the distrust and loathing and the unease so that Grandma can be free to show him the love and comfort he also needs. I am reminded of a line from a movie: "I will hate you for as long as I live." "I hope that it is a very long and healthy hate."
  • Our dishwasher got recalled, and the dear wife used this as an excuse to replace the appliances, which Magoo has promptly sprayed after they were delivered and installed by yours truly. Anyone want a cantankerous old grey cat? Seriously, it's the cat equivalent of "Get the Frick Off My Lawn!"
  • We still cannot understand how Baci, (Now referred to as a Meezer thanks to Miles and Sammie and the Girls from the Big Piney Woods), was not adopted sooner. He is a playing, cuddling, purring monster. He cries to be picked up when you get home and he starts to purr as soon as you touch him. He and Magoo are still not settled in the sleeping arrangements, but he makes sure he is in bed with us every night. Everything about him makes you want to pick him up and snuggle him.
  • Also, Baci fetches toys like a dog. Don't let him know I said that. I'm sure he'll leave a gift in one of my shoes if he hears this.

If you come by and read the stories, please leave me a comment whether you liked or hated it. I'm not making you buy it, so the only way I know what you think is by how many comments they get. I would rather try and find some new storyline that captures your imagination than to keep feeding you stuff that you find boring.


  1. Mr Magoo's Daddy, we LOVES your stories!!. Baci is being a typical Meezer wif the fetching - it's 'barassing for us sometimes to be woofie like, but we has fun playing fetch.
    Smudge will always always love you, no matter how cranky he gets wif you. - Miles

  2. I love your stories, I love your kitties, and I love your stories about kitties! And the pictures too, such a gorgeous feline family. :)

  3. Darling photo! Thanks for the update on Smudge - glad to hear he's doing well. Thank you for the great stories!!

  4. David E. Francis4/04/2007 6:34 PM

    I was wondering how Smudge was doing. It is very good that he is doing so well. Thanks for the update.

    I also enjoyed "Antonius and Malachi, Part 2". You write very well; perhaps you should have pursued a career in writing. As you once commented in the blog, you feel you write your best stories that are sad and full of emotion. I have to admit that I cried when I read (for the first time, and still get teary) all three stories. When I read a story, I try to imagine the image of what is happening in my mind like it is a movie. I try to understand what the character is thinking and feeling. What values does the character have? You did a very good job in all three stories; it was easy to see, feel, and understand.


  5. Baci wasn't adopted sooner because he was meant for you.
    Cute picture of him & Dolce!
    That is sooooo funny Magoo peeing on the new appliances!!!! (Well, funny to me.) SSS's mom

  6. I like all of your stories very much. I hope you keep telling them to us. I really like your reasons for blogging, especially #3. I'm glad to read that Smudge is doing so well. I believe that Smudge will always love you. I agree with SS&S that Baci wasn't adopted earlier because he was meant for you.

  7. Oh what an adorable picture of Baci and Magoo. I just love it.

    *sigh* Thankfully things are going well for Mr. Smudge. He is such a magnificient kitty, please continue to give us updates and maybe if he allows it a picture now and again.

    I love your stories. They are so moving. Yes, they do make me cry but that's OK. I hope you will continue to share them with us.

    From every heartbreak (Smudge) you always get a hearthug(Baci). Really things worked out well for everyone, you, Smudge and Baci.

  8. WE all like your stories, they are the best. Keep up the good work.

  9. The stories are quite good and we enjoy them here.

    As a meezer, how could Baci be anything else OTHER than wonderful?

  10. Good stories all of them! :)

    ~5-Cat Style

  11. We've enjoyed every one of your stories and everything you write in your regular blogs as well. If you did write a book, we'd certainly buy it. The last story made our Lady cry more than usual because it reminded her of a real life event. Her friend, an angel of a woman named Laura Hawthorne, found 4 tiny kittens that had been abandoned by someone. Not only had they been abandoned, but they had been tied in a plastic bag filled with water and placed on the railroad tracks. The kittens had punctured the plastic with their claws, allowing the water to drain before they drowned, and they were found before they suffocated or got run over, though they were very sick. Laura spent many sleepless nights and days nursing them back to health and bottle feeding them, and they all lived through the ordeal and became happy, healthy kitties. The thought that people could fail to treasure such beautiful little creatures is bad enough, but to know that some people could be so evil and cruel...we just can't understand, and neither can the Lady.

    We love your blog and your kitties. The Lady is especially happy to see pictures of Baci because he reminds her so much of her kitty furrend Milo, who recently went to the Rainbow Bridge.

  12. I love your kitties!!

    ●๋: ●๋:
    ´´´´´●๋: ●๋:
    ´●๋: ●๋: Luna ●๋: ●๋:
    ´´´´´ ●๋: ●๋:
    ´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋:

  13. Emmie and I love your stories.
    Now and then they make me cry,
    As I am Irish, that is a good
    thank you
    kay lee kelly

  14. After reading your stories - we thought you were already a writer. Didn't you know you can be anything you want to be? You write, therefore you are. Just visualize yourself getting a nice fat check in the mail for a story you've written and one day it will come true. We sincerely believe that. Now you just need to believe.

  15. Charmee fetches, too ... Sparky tries, but has a REALLY short attention-span.

    Enjoy your snow ... Global cooling would be nice here. It's been a hot week in San Diego. It's 61 degrees and cloudy today.


  16. Baci sounds like our ko KO who is the same way. Mom still can't figure out why someone gave him up. Yer stories are great ~Poiland Tribe

  17. I'm very happy about Smudge's half pound! And I would have tagged you, but I figure by the time I get tagged everyone else seems to have already been tagged (and I thought there we no touch-backs).

  18. When I first started reading these cat blogs just over a year ago I picked up on your blog quickly because the title made it clear you were another Canadian. I do like your stories. The fact that you often write them as a tribute to a fallen animal makes them even more touching. We had to have our beautiful old cat put down just a couple of weeks ago so your second Antonius and Malachi story really hit me hard. My wife and I are just now able to let the good memories mostly wash over the pain and sense of loss. Keep writing and keep us posted on how Smudge is doing.
    Mark from Nova Scotia.