Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dolce's Story Chair, Part II

Dad: It looks like I’m the first one here. Before Dolce shows up and gets everyone riled up with her craziness, I wanted to thank everyone who came for the story yesterday. I have to tell you that Dolce felt bad that she forgot that some of her furriends may not be cats or kittens. So she is going to make sure she brings snacks for her bunny, guinea pig and rat friends. Once again thank you very much for coming.
Dolce: Dad! I’m here!
Dad: Dolce. Be careful with that bowl of Hot Catmilk. I don’t want to have to send you back to your mom with a bad scalding. Where are the Catnip Cookies? And did you remember something for your non-feline friends?
Dolce: Smudge and Bella are bringing the cookies and Magoo said he would help and bring the leafy goodness for the bunnies, guinea pigs and rats.
Dad: Thank you Dolce.
Dolce: Dad?
Dad: Yes, Dolce.
Dolce: Can you tell Smudge to stop making kissing noises towards me and Scout?
Dad: If Smudge bugs you about Scout, all you to say back to him is Turtle, Turtle, Turtle.
Dolce: Oh here he comes now. Hey Smudge! Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!
Smudge: Dad, you didn’t tell her did you?

Dad: Sorry, buddy. But you kind of started it by bugging her about Scout.
Bella: I think our furriends are starting to show up again. I better get to my spot.
Magoo: Here’s the leafy goodness. I think I might sit a little bit further away from Dad’s feet this time. I have my doubts whether he has washed them yet.
Dad: Magoo, quit worrying about my feet. In fact they have been washed. It looks like everyone is here. Let me see, where did I leave off with Shep and his family...

Shep sat on the floor in the kitchen and watched as the human, Sarah, gave her daughter Jessica a teaspoon of a thick purple medicine. Shep’s nose twitched at the strong tang of the medicine. The humans had taken their daughter to the doctor as soon as she started coughing, three full days after Shep starting sleeping on her bed. Now after four days of taking the nasty smelling medicine, Shep could smell that the angry red scent emanating from Jessica’s lungs had faded to a faint pink. He knew she was getting better and his tail eagerly tapped a happy beat on the kitchen floor. The sound of the front door opening captured both Shep's and Jessica's attention.

"Dad's home!" Jessica squealed happily, hopped down to the floor and ran towards the front foyer.

"Jessica." Shep woofed as he spun and quickly followed his young friend. "Stay away from the draft."

Jessica just thought that Shep's barking was his excitement at her Dad's arrival home. She giggled and ran even faster to her father's side. Jessica buried her face into her Dad's hip. Tom looked down and grimaced at the shiny, mucousy streak his sick daughter left on his dress pants. Oh the joy of having a sick youngster in the house, Tom thought as he reached down and picked up his daughter.

“We’re getting the tree tomorrow?” Jessica asked as she wiped her hand across her nose. “Right Dad?”

“Yes. Jessica.” Tom smiled. “Tomorrow, we’ll go and find a Christmas Tree. A very special tree. A Jessica Tree.”

Jessica giggled as Tom playfully nuzzled his daughter’s neck.

“Shep’s coming too?” Jessica asked.

“Probably not.” Tom replied. “Shep is getting a little too old to come hunting for Christmas Trees. It’s getting hard on his bones to go for such a long walk.”

“He should stay home with mom.” Jessica stated with a determined voice. “He can see the tree when we get home.”

“That’s a great idea, Jessica.” Tom smiled and treasured the wisdom he heard in his eight year old daughter’s voice.

“Where is your brother?” Tom asked.

“He’s upstairs playing with legos.” Jessica replied.

“He’s sniffling now too.” Shep barked repeatedly. “It’s not as bad as the girl, but it will get worse if you let him go outside without his hat.”

“Shep.” Tom laughed and scratched his dog’s head. “You sure have an opinion on everything.”

Shep looked disdainfully at Tom. He was about to say something else when Puddles the Cat walked by.

“Out of my way, stupid dog.” Puddles sneered as she walked towards the kitchen.

“Dumb Cat.” Shep barked. “Dumb, Dumb Cat.”

Puddles took off for the kitchen at a full run, still yelling as she ran, “Stupid Dog, Stupid Dog.”

Shep really wanted to tell Tom about Timothy’s sniffles, but he could not let Puddles’ taunts go unchallenged. He took off after Puddles.

As soon as Shep rounded the corner leading into the kitchen, he suddenly found himself faced with the puffed out furry body of a cat that had launched itself three feet into the air. Shep tried vainly to stop. He unceremoniously slammed into the wall as he tried to avoid Puddles’ sudden appearance.

“Ha! Ha!” Puddles laughed as she purred and rubbed against Shep’s left foreleg. “You would think after five years, you would have learned that trick.”

“One more crack about old dogs and new tricks.” Shep warned. “And I will carry you into the laundry room and lock you in the dryer.”

“Oh, Shep.” Puddles chided her friend. ”I’m just excited about what’s coming. Can’t you sense it?”

Shep sniffed the air. There was a new faint scent to the air. Somewhere deep within Shep’s mind a memory triggered. He knew the snows brought a special time to the humans. He had images and scents of excitement and happiness in his thoughts. But the faint scent felt much older and much deeper to Shep. He had followed this scent once before, or at least it felt like he had. Shep shook it off as phantom memory. He could not place the scent or where he thought he had found it before. Shep's confusion did not change the warm feelings the scent invoked in his mind.

“You’re being goofy.” Shep teased.

“Don’t you remember?” Puddles sat down on the floor in front of Shep. “The Twolegs will be bringing out the bright ribbons and bows. And the bright climbing tree should be coming soon. It was so much fun the last time.”

“I think I remember someone being locked in the bedroom.” Shep thought aloud. “I think because someone couldn’t leave the bright shining lights alone.”

“They were so pretty, I thought they would taste good.” Puddles defended her chewing of the Christmas lights on the tree last year.

“So when are you going to get the tree?” Puddles asked as she tried to change the subject of the conversation.

“Strange.” Shep thought. “Tom hasn’t told me about it. Maybe he is waiting until the twins are better.”

"Oh. Shep." Puddles suddenly felt sad for her friend. "I saw the cutting thing at the front door. Maybe he just hasn't had time to tell you yet."

"No." Shep felt old again. "Tom is worried that I might not be able to manage the trip. I don't think he means to take me this year."

... Continued Tomorrow.


  1. Hi, Dolce, Smudge, Bella and Magoo. This is a wonderful story. We're all caught up. yummy kitty milk and the catnip cookies are perfect. It is nice of you to think of the non kitties too.
    I think Shep sounds like a nice woofie. Mommy had all woofies before me. I had to break her in.
    I can't wait to hear the rest. I'll just wait here if that is OK. I'm sooooo comfy and full. snoooooooooooooooooooooze.

  2. this is such a good story, but we always get that Continued Tomorrow part. ::sigh:: oh well, it means we get to come back tomorrow for more treats and snuggling, so that's good. you sure are keeping us in suspense though. if it's okay, we'll just enjoy a few more catnip cookies and snuggling before we go home. oh, and Smudge...Turtle? purrrs - what a gorgeous couple!

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    And hey, just see my pets watching TV! ofcourse Mom was not there!

  7. Good story ... But since I got here late (all the way from California), I didn't get a cookie!
    DaisyMae Maus

  8. Hi poodins and non-poodins. I think I'm in a different timezone to most others, so I'll be catching up after everypoodin else. Just wanted to let you know that I'm regularly stopping by Dolce's Story Chair. :)

  9. This is such a great story . . .we can't wait 'til tomorrow! Don't tell anybuddy, but we think Shep is pretty cool! Thanks for havin' us over :)

  10. Hi again Poodins. I left a comment above, but even though I was logged into Blogger, it came up as 'Anonymous'! :(

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that the message above about being in a different timezone but still checking in regularly, is from me.


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    Finny & Buddy

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    Your story chair is berry comftabal.

    luv Taz

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