Monday, December 18, 2006

Dolce's Big News

Dolce: Dad! Dad! Dad!

Dad: Dolce! Stop running around like your bum's on fire. What is it?

Dolce: Smudgie told me that you have a Christmas Story. Can I hear it? Please!

Dad: Did Smudgie mean the one I told him and Magoo after their sister Alyssa went to the Rainbow Bridge?

Dolce: I thinks so. He said it was about a very special Woofie and about something that happens at Christmas time.

Dad: Oh that one. Are you sure you want to hear a story about a dog?

Dolce: I really don't care what it is about, Dad. I just want to curl up next to you and listen you tell a story.

Dad: There is nothing I like better than having you curl up next to me, Dolce.

Dolce: Even better than curling up with Smudge or Magoo or Bella?

Dad: Dolce. I have told you before that I love each of you the same and each in your own way. But how can I tell you the story when we are so far apart?

Dolce: I know. I could teleport to you.

Dad: It's pretty far away and pretty cold. How about we meet someplace special? How about we create a place warm and cozy where all of us can get together?

Dolce: I can do it. It should be a great big chair with wide arms so that I can curl up or stretch out on it. And there should be a place for bowls of Whiskas Catmilk and for Catnip Cookies and Temptation Treats.

Dad: That sounds wonderful, Dolce.

Dolce: It should be big enough so that Magoo and Smudge and Bella can join us too.

Dad: That is very thoughtful of you Dolce.

Dolce: Dad?

Dad: Yes, Dolce.

Dolce: Can we make it big enough for my furriends to come too? I know a lot of them like your stories, even though you make them sad sometimes. It would have to be pretty big, because I have a kajillion squillion furriends.

Dad: It can be as big as it needs to be. But you will have to make sure everone gets a mug of Hot Catmilk and a Catnip Cookie when they arrive. If you promise to do that, then all your furriends can come. I think you should even let their human friends listen in. Even though they cannot teleport like you cats can, they can still use their connection with you to listen.

Dolce: That sounds wonderful. I will let everyone know that starting Tomorrow, December 19 they can join us at Dolce's Story Chair.

Dad: Dolce's Story Chair? Why not Magoo, Smudge, Bella and Dolce's Story Chair?

Dolce: I thought of it so I get to name it.

Dad: Dolce, you are incorrigible.

Dolce: That must mean extremely cute and fun-loving. I'm going to go and let all my furriends and their beans know about tomorrow.

Dad: Make sure you tell them that it is a fairly long story and it will take me several nights to tell it all.

Dolce: Ok. Love you! Bye Dad!

Dad: Love you too, Dolce.


  1. Dolce, love the story chair. Thank you for the Catmilk and nip cookie too. I am all ready to settle down and listen to your Dad's story.

  2. Derby, you're a little early, but please feel free to pick out a favourite spot. I'm sure Dolce will save your spot for you.

  3. oooooo, a story! we can't wait eifurr!!!

  4. Ohhhhh we can't wait! We'll be there!!!
    Can I sit by you, Dolce? -Scout

  5. Catnip and Milk? Count me in!

  6. Oh, I lurve listenin at story time! Mom reads to the boy most nights, an sumtimes he reads to her. But we don't haf catmilk an catnip cookies! I can hardly wait.
    Purrs of fanks, Dolce, fur sharin yur grate idea an yur dad.

  7. o, Dolce, i's can't wait till tomorrowy night so i's can hear a storie from ur's Daddie. him tells such grrrreat stories. oh, 'n catmilk 'n catnip cookies, wheeeee. can i sits on tha big chair, too, wif tha big cats?

    i's gonna tell all my furriends to come over 'n join us...

  8. o, yes, 'n fanks, Dolce, fur sharing wif alls of us.

  9. Oh boy, we'z can't wate. We luv yoor dad's stories (effun if he makes momma's eyes leak sumtimes). Save us a place and ooo catnip cookies and catmilk and a storee! We'z so a'cited.