Monday, September 25, 2006

You Tah? You Tah What?


You tah a puddy tat!

Mom and Dad tells us that this is our cousin Odie. They stayed with her before they left for their big adventure in America. She's an old kitty at 16 years, but she likes chin skritches and to play. We are not too sure if we can approve of Mom giving another kitty chin skritches.


Just to correct the cats' misunderstanding, I did say You Tah, but I meant Utah. We accompanied my aunt and uncle (Gruffy McGruffypants from the camping trip) down to Ogden, Utah for a week for some golf, site-seeing and some shopping (The Wife loved this part the most).

Since we had never been to Utah, we had to make a trip down to Salt Lake City and see the Mormon Temple, even though we are not Mormon.

It is an impressive structure, especially when you consider how long it took them to build it. It took forty years to complete the construction in the 1800's. In those days, that would be a lifetime. It reminded me of a book by Ken Follet called "Pillars of the Earth". It was about the construction of a Catherdral during the Dark Ages in Europe. In it, one family is tied to the construction of this church through three generations. In this day and age is is hard to imagine focussing on one result for your entire lifetime. But sometimes, you just need to see the outcome of such dedication and singlemindness.


  1. our Lady went ta You Tah one time an she sed it was nice an very seen-ick. yur cuzzin Odie looks way yunger than 16 an is furry hansum.

  2. Odie is a lovely gramma cat. Mom went to see them temple once too and the tour guide said the acoustics are so magnificent he dropped a pin at one end of the worship space and they could hear it all the way at the other end. Kinda like how we always hear when a can of Fancy Feast is being opened!