Monday, September 04, 2006

A Long Weekend and No Dolce

Mom and Dad took Dolce with them for the long weekend to go camping. That means we, the first three cats of the house, finally get to do something without Dolce crashing in and ruining it.

So what shall we do?

Smudge: We can chase each other around the house without Dolce cannonballing us from the bed!

Bella: We can look out the windows without being pushed off them by Dolce.

Magoo: I know what we can do. It's something we can never do without Dolce charging in and trying to wrestle and bite us...

Magoo: Oh sweet, merciful peach and quiet. Thank you Mom and Dad. This was one of the bestest presents ever.

PS: Dad says we're getting real close to our 10,000th visitor. This is very exciting he says. He has something special for the poodin, woofie or bean who is the lucky one.


  1. cute! Momma wants to snuggle wif all of y'all.

  2. You poodins look very content and comfy there. :)

  3. you look furr comfy. we was number 9980

  4. Smudge, Bella, and Magoo, I am in complete sympathy with you about the younger newby's who crash into everything, help themselves to a Cat's own food and toys, and ruin a perfectly good Catnap. Glad to see your enjoyed yourselves over the weekend.

  5. Huh????? What's Rascal talkin' 'bout?

  6. That's the best thing to do -- nap! Naps are da bomb!
    ~~ Boni

  7. Oh 9,997. We are having a quiet day here without Cheysuli!

  8. Somebody was our 10,000th visitor! But they didn't leave a comment. Please let me know who it was.

  9. We are 10003 - does that count? We like treats and Mom says she won't give us any more since we are looking pudgy. If you send us treats then she has to let us eat them!


  10. Dang It! 10,004
    That's the closest we've ever been on this visitors stuff and whoever was 10,000 didn't even know it!!!!!
    Crap! -Scooby
    Now Scooby don't complain. It's just a game. It's not like life or death ya know. -Shaggy
    I wanted to win real bad! -Scout

  11. 10,005. It's sad.
    Hope the first 3 enjoyed their weekend. I hope you took plenty of pictures of Dolce camping.

  12. i was nummer 10,000 - me, me, me!

    Please don't listen to my bratty brother. We WERE on your site last night, but not late enough to catch this post, so it couldn't have been us. My brother will do anything for treats.

    Oh, what a purrfect day you're having! Our Lady wants to get in on that cuddly fluff pile, by the way.

  13. Our Dad has decided that because the real visitor did not reveal themselves for what ever reason, and that he has two equally worthy furriends that tried to be the 10,000 visitor...

    He has decided that he will reward Gemini for being 9997th and Knightly, Firenze and Lizzie for being the 10,003rd. He says that on average they were the 10,000th visitor.

  14. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! We have never won anything before...

    The Monsters

  15. There is nothing like uninteruppted nap time *sigh* *yawn* ~Merlin, Shadow, KO Ko