Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By Dolce

(Actually it was Night One)

Dad came by and asked me if I was ready. I thought he was asking if I was ready for some stinky goodness or some whipped cream, so I eagerly purred and rubbed against him. He scooped me up an put me in my carrier and took my out to the truck. "No!" I cried, "No Truck! I said yes to stinky goodness!" I looked back at the window and saw Magoo sitting in the window. He was being very smug and he gave me the paw as I was leaving. Big Brothers can be so mean.

Dad placed me into the truck and then he waited for Mom to show up. She said that she have given the other cast their stinky goodness and that we were ready to leave. "No!" I cried, "I was supposed to get the stinky goodness!" Suddenly, the truck started to rumble. I remembered the last time I was in the rumbling truck: it was to go to that stupid V-E-T who hurt my eyes the last time. "No!" I cried, "I don't want to go to the V-E-T!"

Mom asked if I was ready to go camping. Camping? I had forgot that we were going camping. I asked if I could come out of my carrier so that we could discuss the rules of this camping thing. Dad said not until we were out of the city. He said it was not safe to have excitable little cats running around the truck in the big city. But still I asked to get out of my carrier over and over again.

Dad finally told Mom that I could get out of the carrier. Finally, I thought. He had taken far too long to come to that wise and important decision. I had to let him know exactly what I thought about the excessive delay.

We drove for a couple of hours. My mom tried to get me to sit on her lap, but I figured Dad needed more help with driving then she did with navigation. I laid in his lap and tried to sleep but the rumbling truck kept waking me up. I then tried to sleep sitting up on my haunches with my front paws on Dad's chest. But then something called a Jackass came too close to the rumbling truck. Dad was very upset.I think that these Jackasses are far more common where we live than Vishus Deer, because we saw a few more according to my Dad.

We finally arrived at the campsite. Dad disappeared, and Mom put my leash on. I was not allowed to run around on the ground yet. There were so many new smells for me to investigate. Before I knew it, I was passed over to a person known as Auntie. She nuzzled and snuggled me. She thought I was so very cute. "Of Course, I am." I said, "But I do appreciate you noticing." I also met someone named Uncle. He was very good at chin scritches and head rubs, but he kept saying that little cats need to know whose in charge. I think he was just playing Gruffy McGruffpants with me.

Then the big moment came: Mom and Dad took me into my new home, The Trailer. They showed me where my litter box was and where my food and water was. Mom then gave me my surprise: a brand new toy just for me.

This is me playing with my new toy. I called him "Zeppy" after my new home. Mom had placed him some catnip so he was all sorts of rubby, chewy, and tossy kinds of fun.


I woke up bright and early. There was some serious things to do. First and foremost was to leave a really stinky poo in the litter box. Mom and Dad's noses really scrunched up so I know it was a real good one. Now that I had cristened the litter box, it was time for some exploring.

Dad took me for a walk on my leash around our part of the campsite. This was a good idea, because there were some very young boys who were kind of bratty. One kept trying to pull on my leash and the other tried to tug on my ears. Dad told them not to do that because it was not nice and that I was not used to little boys. One of the little boys says that they do that to their puppy all the time. Dad told him that little puppies do not like it either. By that time, I had had enough of walks and bratty boys. I wanted to go back to my new home. I started to go inside, when I realized that Dad and Uncle were laughing at me. It turns out I went to the wrong house; I was at Uncle Gruffy McGruffpants' trailer. I did not care as long at it got me away from the Bratty Boys.

Dad put me in our trailer instead and they opened a window so that I could lay in the sun on the table and still see them outside. Later that night, Dad brought me out to the campfire, but I really did not think it was a great idea and I let Dad know. Soon, I was back inside my trailer playing with Zeppy, and leaving another gift for Mom and Dad in my litter box.


First thing Mom did was complain that I was awake and playing at 6:30AM. Dad also was not happy that I made him open the big cabinet next to his side of the bed for me to play in. Hey a cat's got to do what a cat's got to do. They might have been mad at me, but I was very purry and loving so they forgave me pretty fast.

Dad took me out for some more exploring today. Thankfully there was no sign of the Bratty Boys. There was however a wonderfully dusty dry road next tot he campsite and I got to roll and flop around in the dust.

We came back to the campsite and Dad let me wlk around with the leash fully extended. I got to chase bugs and flies and bees. Scout was right chasing bugs is a squillion types of fun. Afterwards, I laid on the picnic table and gave my self a good bath.


Unfortunately, like Summer, Summer Vacations also have to end. This is me surveying Dad and Uncle packing up all the camping stuff. I was also keeping an eye out for those Bratty boys.

Mom and Dad packed me back into the rumbling truck, but because I had my leash on, I did not have to go into my carrier. Soon we were saying good-bye to Auntie and Uncle. I actually really liked Uncle. He talked a lot tougher than he really was. I looked out the window and watched the campsite disappear around the bend. I laid in my Dad's lap or on the seat between Mom and Dad for the entire trip home. Mom and Dad said that I was such a good cat that I get to go with them on all their camping adventures.

That was my summer vacation. By the way, Magoo, Smudge and Bella did not even miss me while I was gone.


  1. WOW! that's a furry cool weekend. our Lady neffur goes anywhere an we neffur get ta go outta the house at all. sounds like you had a grrreat time, well, 'cept fur the Bratty Boys. did ya put the bitey on 'em?

  2. sounds like a really great time. mommy and daddy would not take us camping when they went in July.

  3. Dolce, that sounds like the best vacation ever! That place looks very pretty and interesting. You're so lucky!

  4. Pretty pictures of you Dolce. We like that toy you gotted and the nice dirt road with the nice dirt to roll in!!!! You coulda got lost in that long grass and we are glad you had your leash at all times outside! That picture of you on the picnic table is gonna get printed out & hung up right by my circle bed!! Meeeeeeoorrwwww! -Socut

  5. PS: good job leaving those presents for your folks. They appreciate little gestures like that!

  6. Dolce, you lucky lucky little girl! Parents to yourself! Adventures! Leash walks! We're all so jealous!!!

  7. I think I would have been furry scared. Still you got to play with lots of bugs. That would be fun!

  8. Dolce, sounds like you had a great adventure. You are such a brave kitty. And well trained to walk on your leach.

  9. Ingrates LOL It's sounds like you had fun though even if the others didn't miss you. What an adventure. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO

  10. Me and Mittens used to go camping, but we hate it. We just love to stay home, so that is what we do now. I get sick in the metal monster anyway. I do like splorng the woods, though.


  11. It sounds like you had a great time, Dolce, despite the Bratty Boys. I'm happy for you.

  12. wow, you are very, very brave. i would much rather stay home where it is quiet and calm and i know exactly what the routine is. to me, that is the best kind of day!

  13. Sounds fun Dolce! I would not like to go Outside but you make it look fun. Glad you hadded a good time pretty girl!

  14. Wow that sound like fun except for the bratty boys..I want to camp..

  15. Our Mom said you would luv camping. What a good girl your were on yur trip. You haf to keep a good watchful eye out for those jackasses. They are all ofur the place, efun in Connectycut.

  16. What an exciting adventure. We wish we could go wiv our beans on holly days, but they haf to go in a big tin bird in the sky. Mum says there are Jackasses on the roads in the UK as well.They must live all ovurr the world.

  17. What a cool vacation you had, Dolce! Our mom says that you are a very brave little girl to take on the open road like that. We bet that camper had lotza great cabinets and cubbies to hide in. Glad you had fun!

  18. How incredibly FUN! Your summer vacation was much, much better than ours.

    Grr, Midnight and Cocoa suggested contacting Smudge about Cocoa Puff becoming a member of the House Panthers. I've posted a photograph of him on my blog ... His eyes are glowy green just like the House Panther's logo photo.

    DaisyMae Maus

  19. Sounds like you had a really nice vacation, and you didn't have to spend it stuck in a Box. Lucky you.

  20. We are missing the adventures of the Canada gang.

    I will be having a party next month. Including pre-season tub hockey. Hope you can come.