Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dolce's Story Chair: Jingles and The Homecoming

Dad: It's been a while since I was here with my beloved furriends. I have missed each and every one of you. I would like to say that work took me away, but the real reason is that I still miss my beloved Magoo. Everytime I tried to write, I found myself thinking of him and missing him. Dolce and Baci have tried to fill his pawprints. I love them more than I can possibly say, but they are not Magoo. There is a hole that I do not believe will ever be filled. How can you ever replace a creature that was always there when you were sick? A furry nurse that believed by sheer force of will he could purge any illness from the room by simply pressing his body against yours.

For Magoo, I give you the next part of the story, Jingles and The Homecoming...

Welcome to the Story Chair

Jingles and The Homecoming (Part 3)

Everyone stood silently in the main garage at the North Pole. It had been many years since Myrrh had followed her True Path. Jingles moved towards Sangilak and Tanaraq.

"Myrrh is no longer amongst us." Jingles said softly. "Her name appearred on the Scrolls three years ago. She waits at Rainbow Bridge for her Beloved Human."

Sangilak looked at his mate, Tanaraq in disbelief.

"Sammy. Tinker." Sangilak pleaded to his old companions. "I bore you both with Myrrh south to the human settlement. I know your scent as well as hers. Believe me when I say that I bring news of Myrrh."

"That is not possible." Jingles replied. "Myrrh is gone."

"She is not gone!" Sangilak snarled. "I have found her scent. She is not gone!"

"Sangilak." Jingles stood his ground. "Myrrh passed three years ago as Humans count time. I saw her name on the Beloved Scroll myself. Elbereth told me the night she passed."

"But I caught her scent." Sangilak replied. "It was as if she was there. It was the only thing that prevented..."

"Prevented what?" Sammy stepped forward.

Tanaraq spoke first.

"We were on a Hunt." Tanaraq stated. "We were near a Human settlement. It has been a hard winter and wild prey has been difficult to find..."

There was a hesitation in Tanaraq's voice.

"Tanaraq." Santa placed his hand on her muscular shoulder. "You are a creature of the Wild, You bear no blame for your nature."

"Our Pack found easier prey near a Human settlement." Tanaraq continued. "We found a abandoned house that had easy prey for the Pack to hunt. We feasted easily at first,but the prey became less..."

"The Pack turned towards the lesser animals of the human settlement." Sangilak continued. "My Pack-Heir found the last remaining prey. Something made him hesitate. That is when I caught Myrrh's scent. There was three of your kind left, Jingles; and they bore Myrrh's scent. If she has been gone for three years, how could those three still bear her scent as though she was there."

"It appears the Wishbringer has one more gift to give." Santa said as he looked Tanaraq stright in the eyes. "What does your heart say that we must do next?"

Tanaraq looked at the Elves and Cats before her her. Her nose twitched and flared as she examined each of the creatures before her.

"Him." Tanaraq motioned towards Jingles. "He is the one. It is his Path."

"Jingles." Sangilak said. "She Who Must Be Obeyed has matched all pairs within the Pack. If she says it is you who must come with us then it is only you who can fufill this Hunt."

"Well that's that." Sammy brushed off his velvet vest. "We have to get Jingles ready for a a trip south. Thankfully, Tinker and I have been there before and we know exactly what he needs."

To be continued...

Thanks for snuggling with us, come back soon.


  1. We enjoy snuggling while we listen to your dad's stories.

  2. Thanks for this. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

    We can understand your sadness over Magoo. It is hard for the heart to accept when they leave.

  3. oh MrMagoosDad-our the mom knows exactly how you feel - it's been almost 10 years since Ralphie left and she still has a hole in her heart.

    Thank you for the story - we cannot wait for the next part!