Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Story Chair is in a sorry state

Dolce: Dad has not kept this place clean. There's catnip crumbs all over the place and the catmilk has grown a nasty green fuzz. This is just gross!
Baci: Dolce! Dolce! Dolce!
Dolce: Yes, doofus?
baci: Dad said no more name calling.
Dolce: But that is your name. I checked on your adoption papers and that is your real name.
Baci: No, it isn't.
Dolce: Yes it is. You can go and check. I'll wait.
Baci: I'll check later. Dad said that we need to make sure the Story Chair is still usable. It's been so long since we've used it.
Dolce: It needs some serious cleaning. There is stuff everywhere.
Baci: Ewww! It's really dusty!
Dolce: I know. Humans are so messy.
Baci: But we has to get it cleaned up. Dad has a Chrissymouse Story for us. We gets to go and visit Jingles and Tinker and Cookie and Myrrh and Sammy and Taylor and Santa.
Docle: Baci, breathe. I know. I was helping Dad with the cat action sequences. Sometimes he doesn't get it. Luckily, he has me for quality control and editing.
Baci: So when does the story start?
Dolce: We have until this weekend to get the Story Chair cleaned up. Dad is going to start the story early this year so that none of our furriends miss it. But we need to warn them that it will be over six nights so they have to come back and visit often.
Baci: Will Dad keep the catnip cookies and warm catmilk going so that all of our furriends can visit and enjoy whenever they want.
Dolce: Of course, but first we have to get that weird green thing off the cookie plate.
Baci (nomming and crunching): It's a catnip cookie from last year. Surprisingly still tasty.
Dolce: Ewww!
Dolce: Furriends who have not been here for a while, please come back. Our Chrissymouse Story begins this Sunday...

Dolce's Story Chair: Jingles and The Wishbringer


  1. We is happy to meet you and will be pleased to attend you holiday festivities!

  2. We must explain: our silly momma didn't realize that she was signed in on her PURRsonal bloggy when she answered for us but we will still attend - not our momma. She isn't into catnip.

  3. I've not heard of this storytelling before... I'M IN!!! I'll most definitely be back to check it out.

    Be careful though... as enticing as they may be, you can never be too sure about expired catnip cookies.


  4. Woohoo! we love the Story Chair. We'll be there.

  5. Yay! Story time! We'll be there - we're new to the blogging scene, but can't wait to hear the story - Mom doesn't read to us... Thank you for sharing with all of us!

    Hope to see you around!
    Hugs & Purrs,
    Nico (w/ Austin & JayJay) ;)

  6. Oh boy! We love Story Chair...we'll bring some catnip crisps. Oh, and we can't wait to see effuryone again. Dis is one of da best parts of Krissmouse!

  7. HI DOlce!
    We sure miss you guys when you don't blog so often!!!!
    Thanks for letting us know the Story Chair is being spiffed up and the cookies baked for another holiday get together!! And if you've been helping him Dolce, we know its going to be a great story again this year!
    You'll cuddle with me won't you? -Scout

  8. ::happy dancing:: OH YAY YAY YAY!!! We is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO 'acited!! We just love the storychairstories!!!!!