Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dolce Story Chair - Jingles and the Wishbringer (Part 3)

Dad: Dolce, Where are you?
Dolce: I'm here.
Dad: Why are you so tired today?
Dolce: Scout didn't transport home until he absolutely had to.
Dad: Were you up past your bed time?
Dolce: Just a little bit.Scout's brother Shaggy has a request; he can sit on your lap while you tell the story tonight?
Dad: As long as he knows that whoever is on my lap has the responsibility of turning the pages of the story for me.
Dolce: Shaggy is pretty smart; he can do that no problem.
Dad: When then, I guess I have a page turner for tonight's chapter. So let's all get comfortable and remember that we left off with Sammy, Tinker and Myrrh leaving the North Pole to find out what was happening in the human world...

Jingles and The Wishbringer

Sammy, Tinker and Myrrh walked steadily south. They only stopped for a few short hours at a time to grab a short nap in a quickly dug snow den. Tinker and Myrrh pressed their bodies against Sammy's to help keep him warm. Overhead the Aurora Borealis danced and flickered even during the day.

After trekking for many days, Sammy suddenly held up his mitted hand and brought the little group to a stop. He looked around and then he fished a strange pair of glasses from his backpack. The glasses had what appearred to be several snowflakes stacked on top of each for lenses. Sammy placed the glasses on his head and then adjusted the snowflake lenses on each side.
"What is it, Sammy?" Tinker asked.
"We are at the Last Marker." Sammy said as he pointed to something off to the group's right side. "We are now officially outside of the North Pole. The only way we can get back is if Jingles sends someone for us."
Tinker and Myrrh were suddenly frightened. They had not been in the human world since they were rescued from that cardboard box on Christmas Eve a year ago.
"Well all we have now is our wits, some North Pole engineering and Myrrh's gift." Sammy stated confidently. "if anyone can find out what is going wrong, it's us three."

Once again the three travellers began marching south and soon they began to see sporatic signs of human activity, but no towns or cities could yet be seen.

During their trek through a thick pine forest, Tinker suddenly bounded up to Sammy's side.
"Sammy." Tinker said in a low voice."I think there is something behind us."
"I know." Sammy replied. "It has been following us for the last couple of hours. I think it caught our scent as we crossed that last frozen river."
"Is it dangerous?" Tinker asked as he nervously looked backwards.
"I don't know." Sammy said. "It seems to be fairly large by cat and Elf standards and it is gaining on us."

Sammy and Tinker tried to get Myrrh to hurry up but she was having trouble moving through the deep snow. Whatever was behind the three friends was making great gains on them. Sammy thought he caught a glimpse of a furry dark body several times. He was somewhat worried that whatever it was it might mistake an Elf and two cats for a midday meal. He pulled a Snowstar Sparkler from his pack; it would not hurt the creature behind them, but hopefully it would scare it off if necessary.
"My paws are getting cold." Myrrh complained. "And this snow is sticking to my fur."
"Just a little farther, Myrrh." Sammy coaxed her on. "Then we will find some shelter for the night. I might even be able to get a little fire going to warm us all up."
"Oh."Myrrh sighed. "I would love a fire. I wi..."
"Myrrh!" Tinker shouted. "You can't say those words here in the human world. We don't know what might happen."
"But I'm getting cold." Myrrh snapped back.
"I'm sorry, Myrrh." Sammy apologized. "We will find a place where we can settle in for the night."
"Is it safe?" Tinker whispered to Sammy.

"I don't know." Sammy said softly, "But if we don't get your sister into shelter soon, she is going to make a wish. I have no idea what would happen afterwards. What if she wishes for warmth and then her wish melts all the snow?"
"We need to find her shelter right away." Tinker agreed.

They increased their pace over Myrrh's objections. Sammy kept reassuring her that there was shelter just up ahead just to keep her putting one paw in front of the other. Sammy and Tinker were so focussed on keeping Myrrh distracted that they failed to notice the dark shadowy forms that had stealthfully crept up and were now tracking the three friends on either side.
Sammy, Tinker and Myrrh came into a small clearing that had tall pines trees all around. The air was still and seemed to be a little warmer. Sammy stopped and looked around.
"I think that we should be able to stop here and get a small fire going." Sammy said as he laid his pack down on the snow covered ground.
"That's sounds good." Tinker said, "I'm getting a little cold, too."
"A fire would be wonderful." Myrrh said excitedly.

"I'm afraid we can't let you do that." A deep menacing growl sounded from the edge of the clearing. "You see my friends and I do not like fire."
Sammy's hand slipped into his pocket and he tightly gripped the Snowstar Sparkler as he watched four large wolves step from the cover of the trees.
"I have not seen your kind before." The largest wolf snarled as he slowly circled around Sammy, Tinker and Myrrh. "No matter. I am sure you will taste just fine."
"I want the fancy dressed one." Another wolf sneered as it crept closer to Sammy.
"You will wait your turn!" The largest wolf turned and viciously snapped at the other wolf who retreated quickly with a loud whimper.

The four wolves slowly moved towards Sammy, Tinker and Myrrh with their sharp pointy teeth bared and deep ferocious snarls emanating from their throats.
"I think if there was ever time for a wish it is now, Myrrh." Sammy said as he pulled the Snowstar Sparkler from his pocket.
"I can't." Myrrh cowered next to Tinker who was puffed up and hissing. "I'm too scared."
"Then get ready to climb a tree." Sammy said as he pulled the tinsel plug on the sparkler.
The sparkler in his hand began to pulse with a brilliant blue light. It grew brighter and brighter until it was painful to the eyes. The wolves pulled back slightly. The sound of something popping and crackling started to come from the heart of the sparkler. The wolves pulled back even farther, but there was still no clear path to one of the tall trees to provide safety from the hungry wolves.

Without warning, another large furry form bounded into the clearing and plowed fearlessly into the side of the largest wolf. The wolf was bowled over onto it side and it snapped helplessly at the new arrival, a large Husky with a thick white ruff and balck and silver sides. Sammy noticed that the Husky had the worn and tattered remanants of a harness around it's neck and on its side. It was the biggest Husky Sammy had ever seen. If not not for the harness, he would have mistaken it for another wolf.
"Whatever you were going to do, I suggest you do it?" the Husky barked.
Sammy tossed the sparkler into the air where it exploded with hundreds or brilliant blue and silver snowlflakes. The wolves yipped and whined and scattered from the clearing.
"Thank you." Sammy said.
"You had better climb on." the Husky said urgently. "These wolves will quickly recover their courage."
Sammy climbed up and was followed swiftly by Myrrh and Tinker.
"What is your name, friend?" Tinker asked and he sat in front of Sammy with Myrrh pressed tightly against him.
"Once I was called Sangilak." the Husky replied.
"Strongest of All." Sammy translated from the northern human tongue.
"Yes. That is what they called me." the Husky said. "Now hang on, I'm not known for my smooth gait."
"What are you known for, Sangilak?" Myrrh asked.
"I can run faster and farther than the Great Northern Wind blows." Sangilak said as he he bolted for the cover of the trees just as the four wolves overcame their shock and fear of Sammy's sparkler.

Through the trees, Sangilak ran with Sammy, Tinker and Myrrh on his back. Sammy held tightly to the old harness and Tinker and Myrrh held tightly on to him. The four wolves were in hot pursuit. They could hear their barking and snarling right behind them. Sammy even thought he could feel their hot breath on the back of his neck.

Sangilak had been well named and he lived up to his boast. He ran as though the Great Northern wind had lifted his mighty paws from the snow. Soon the wolves' cries began to fall away. Thanks to their new friend, they were safe. Sangilak ran true to his word, and he did not stop until they were safe.

"What brings you three here?" Sangilak asked as he slowed to a gentle walk. "It is obvious that you are not creatures of the woods."
"You two are housecats if my nose remembers correctly." Sangilak said to Tinker and Myrrh. His nose twitched as he sniffed the air about Sammy. "Your scent I don't remember. I do not hink I have come across your kind before."
"He's an Elf." Myrrh said as she balaned herself on Sangilak's broad shoulders."Elf?" Sagnilak repeated. "I have not heard that word before. But you smell friendly enough. Once again, i ask what brings you three here?"

Sammy told Sangilak about what was happening at the North Pole and what he and the two cats were searching for.

"Well, if you want to find a source of misery and hopelessness." Sangilka sighed, "Then it is humans you are looking for. There is a large human city a ways south of here. I will take you."
"Thank you, Sangilak." Sammy said.
"Don't thank me too soon." Sangilak laughed. "Especially after you have been riding my back for several days."

Sangilak found his strength again and he resumed his long striding pace southwards to the human city.

To be continued...


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