Monday, May 04, 2009

What is this?

Baci: Dolce, Looked at what I founded.

Dolce: Baci, You are not supposed to be digging in Dad's stuff.

Baci: I am helping Dad. He said he losted something, so I was trying to help find it.

Dolce: So what did you find.

Baci: It's something called a con tracked. It's got his name on it and everything. I didn't know that Dad was a con. Or that someone was tracking him.

Dolce: Stupid Brother. Dad is not a con and no one was tracking him. It says here that they will pay him some green papers to do some work for them. It has Dad signature but that is not his name.

Bella: You two are so slow. Dad is now self-employed.

Dolce: What does that mean. Self-Employed.

Magoo: It means his boss is an egotistical ass and a self important jerk.

Bella: Magoo, that`s not nice.

Dolce: I don`t get it.

Baci: Me neither.

Magoo: That`s means you at least as smart as Dad`s lone employee. I`m going to visit Grandma. She has my favourite treats.

Dolce: I think Magoo is getting senile.

Baci: Isn`t that a river in Egypt.

Pee Ess: We need to send some purrayers to our furriend, Sarge, a great and noble German Shepard woofie who went peacefully in his sleep to the Rainbow Bridge last week. Let him know that he is missed and still much loved by his beans.


  1. We're sorry about your friend Sarge. We'll have to visit his human.

    We don't think Magoo is getting senile. We think he's almost as smart as we are.

  2. Okay, we would have visited your friend Sarge's human, but you don't have a link for him and we can't find one. Sorry.

  3. We so sorry to hear about Sarge...we are purring for his family who is missing him...

  4. concatulations to your dad!