Monday, May 04, 2009

A Tribute to Lost Furriends

I meant to put up a tribute for one of our first blogging furriends Oreo, but I couldn't find the right words.

Then today I was talking with a friend and found out that he and his family lost their faithful friend, Sarge. My wife and I met Sarge and enjoyed recieving big slobbery kisses from this kindly German Shepard whenever we came to visit. Our friends don't have a blog so I chose to post this tribute to Sarge.

It fit for both Sarge and Oreo.

Godspeed, dear furriends. Godspeed.


  1. That is beautiful! And now we understand why there was no link in your last post for Sarge. We're sorry you lost your friend Sarge. And of course, Oreo.

  2. how beautiful!! what a wonderful tribute. we are sorry that Sarge is gone to the Bridge too. We miss Oreo very much

  3. What a brilliant tribute to lost friends...

    Purrrrs, China Cat